May Issue of ‘The Burlington’

Posted in journal articles by Editor on July 12, 2011

This posting on eighteenth-century topics from the May issue of The Burlington is long overdue, but given the discovery of a new Watteau document, I wanted to include it all the same — in hopes of sending good luck to all of you busy in the archives this summer. Good hunting! -CH.

The Burlington Magazine 153 (May 2011)

• François Marandet, “Jean-Antoine Watteau: The First Documents,” pp. 312-13.
Newly discovered notarial acts from the National Archives in Paris clarify what happened to the painter’s property after his death in 1721, revising Gersaint’s account on two accounts.

• Todd Magreta, “Marius at Minturnae by Jean-Germain Drouais: A Classical Source and the Sublime,” pp. 314-17.
An examination of Marius at Minturnae (1786) by Jean-Germain Drouais.

• Satish Padiyar, “Neoclassicisms,” pp. 357-58.
Review of the exhibition, L’Antiquité rêvée / Antiquity Rediscovered.

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