New Book | The Gardens of Venice and the Veneto

Posted in books by Editor on May 9, 2014

The particular appeal of this book lies in the fact that the gardens included are accessible to the public. From Frances Lincoln:

Jenny Condie, with photographs by Alex Ramsay, The Gardens of Venice and the Veneto (London: Frances Lincoln, 2013), 224 pages, ISBN: 978-0711234048, £35 / $60.

Gardens-of-Venice-and-VenetoThe Gardens of Venice and the Veneto draws together an amazing variety of 22 spellbinding garden retreats, from monastery gardens quietly cultivated in the islands of the lagoon to magnificent villas on the Brenta Canal, and baroque masterpieces in the hills beyond. Highlights include an eerie Masonic garden complete with gothic chapel and cavernous grottoes, a pleasure garden made for his workers by a benevolent nineteenth-century industrialist, and a flower-filled delight by the banks of the Grand Canal.

This is a book of ravishing images and intriguing stories. The garden behind Henry James’s Aspern Papers is here, along with the garden which so beguiled Margaret Symonds, the young English author of Days Spent on a Doge’s Farm. With an emphasis on gardens that can be visited, longtime resident Jenny Condie elucidates the dynastic triumphs, the reversals of fortune, and the shifts in taste and influence which have shaped these
extraordinary places.

Jenny Condie was born in Edinburgh and took a degree in Italian and History of Art at UCL. She has translated a number of substantial works in the area of art and literary history and criticism, and she has also written in Italian as a journalist. More recently she has worked with the Fondazione di Venezia to originate and run workshops on English Literature for children in local schools. Jenny Condie has lived in Venice since 2002 with her husband, the novelist Enrico Palandri, and their three children.

Alex Ramsay lives in the Welsh Marches. He is a photographer of international repute whose work has appeared in many books published by Frances Lincoln, including Italian Gardens: A Cultural History (recently reissued in paperback) and Italy’s Private Gardens: An Inside View, both written by his wife, the garden historian Helena Attlee.

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Alex RamsayThe Gardens of Venice
Island gardens
• The Giudecca
Religious gardens
• San Francesco della Vigna
• Ca’ Morosini del Giardin
Palazzi gardens
• Ca’ Rezzonico
• Ca’ Tron
• Ca’ Zenobio
• Palazzo Cappello Malipiero Barnabò
• Palazzo Contarini Dal Zaffo
• Palazzo Rizzo Patarol
• Palazzo Soranzo Cappello
• Querini Stampaglia

The Gardens of the Brenta Canal
•Villa Brusoni Scalella, Dolo
• Villa Pisani, Stra

The Gardens of Padua
• Orto botanico, Padua
• Ca’ Marcello, Levada di Piombino Dese
• Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni-Ardemani, Valsanzibio
• Villa Ca’ Dolfin, Marchiori, Lendinara s
• Villa Emo, Rivella di Monselice
• Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin, Vescovana
• Villa Valmarana a Citadella Vigodarzere, Saonara

The Gardens of Treviso
• Villa Barbaro di Maser

The Gardens of Verona
• Giardino Giusti, Verona
• Giardino di Pojega, Villa Rizzardi, Negrar
• Villa Allegri Arvedi, Cuzzano s
• Villa della Torre, Fumane
• Villa Trissino Marzotto, Trissino

The Gardens of Vicenza
• Villa Fracanzan Piovene, Orgiana
• Villa Godi Malinverni and Villa Piovene Porto-Godi, Lonedo di Lugo Vicentino
• Villa da Schio , Costozza
• Villa Valmarana ai Nani

Visiting the gardens
Books to read


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