Symposium | Robert Adam and His Brothers

Posted in conferences (to attend) by Editor on March 24, 2015

From the conference programme and The Georgian Group:

Robert Adam and His Brothers
Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, 23–24 September 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.24.14 PM

Adam Staircase Compartment of the 1770s, Mansfield Street, London, (Chris Redgrave, English Heritage)

The Adam style revolution transformed British architecture in the latter half of the eighteenth century. The brothers’ unique and inventive approach to design, based on a modern reinterpretation of the art of antiquity, found widespread popularity and was to have a lasting impact on European and American architecture. The movement and surface variety inherent in their buildings, combined with the lightness and informality of their interiors, set new standards of elegance and were widely imitated.

This two-day Georgian Group symposium, led by the architectural historians Colin Thom of UCL and Georgian Group Journal editor Dr Geoffrey Tyack, will highlight new research and findings on Robert Adam and his brothers across all aspects of their life and work, including architecture, interior decoration, the use of colour, the influence of classical sources, drawing office procedure, the art market, town-planning and building speculation. The symposium will offer interpretations by a mix of established scholars and a younger generation of historians and doctoral students, one of the main objectives being to stimulate further study on the Adams.

The Symposium papers will form the basis of a monograph to be published by Historic England in association with The Georgian Group. £100 per person for both days, or £60 for a single day. Buffet lunch included on both days. Book online or print and mail this form, with full payment, to: The Georgian Group, 6 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5DX. Please make cheques payable to The Georgian Group. For further information, telephone 020 7529 8920.

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

W E D N E S D A Y ,  2 3  S E P T E M B E R  2 0 1 5

9.30  Registration and coffee

9.50  Opening address and welcome by Geoffrey Tyack and Colin Thom

10:00  Session 1: Scotland
• Alistair Rowan (University College, Cork), Johnie, the Eldest Adam Brother
• Simon Green (Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland), John, Robert and James Adam Build a House in Ayrshire
• Anthony Lewis (Curator of Scottish History, Glasgow Museums), The Adam Brothers and Their Building Tradesmen in Scotland

11:30  Tea and coffee

12:00  Session 2: Italy
• Jonathan Yarker (Lowell Libson Ltd, Art Dealers), ‘Antique Mad’: The Adam Brothers, Their Collection of Antiquities and the Roman Art Market in the Eighteenth Century
• Maria Celeste Cola (Department of Art History, Sapienza Università di Roma) Travelling to Naples: Drawings and Views by Robert Adam

1:00  Lunch

2:00  Session 3: Interior Design and the Adam Style: Antique and Etruscan
• Adriano Aymonino (Lecture in Art History, University of Buckingham), Robert Adam and the birth of the ‘true style of antique decoration’: the interiors at Kedleston Hall and their antiquarian sources
• John Wilton-Ely (Emeritus Professor in the History of Art, University of Hull) Piranesi and the Etruscan Style of Robert Adam: a Stylistic Revolution

3:15  Tea and coffee

3:45  Session 4: Interior Design and the Adam Style: Adam’s Painters and Chinoiserie
Flaminia Conti (MA in History of Art, Sapienza Università di Roma), Reinvoking the Antique in Interior Design: The Work of Giovanni Battista Cipriani in the Houses of Robert Adam
• Katherine McHale (PhD candidate, School of Art History, University of St Andrews) Adam and the Academicians: The Contributions of Leading Italian Artists
• David Pullins (PhD candidate, Harvard University), Robert Adam’s Neoclassical Chinoiseries

T H U R S D A Y ,  2 4  S E P T E M B E R  2 0 1 5

9:30  Tea and coffee

10:00  Session 5: Interior Design and the Adam Style: Light, Colour, and Theatre
Richard Ireland (Conservator, historic paint and plaster), The Adam Brothers at Kenwood: Reconsidering
• Conor Lucey (Irish Research Council Elevate Postdoctoral Fellow, Trinity College Dublin), From Developed Surfaces to Misapprehended Plans: Robert Adam’s Interiors for Headfort House
• Miranda Hausberg (PhD candidate, University of Pennsylvania), Robert Adam’s Scenographic Interior

11:15  Tea and coffee

11:45  Session 6: Later Adam: Metropolitan Speculation, Villas, Castle Style and Picturesque
• Colin Thom (Senior Historian, Survey of London, UCL Bartlett School of Architecture), Portland Place: A Reassessment
• Sue Berry (Sussex Archaeological Society, former Associate Lecturer, Sussex University), Robert Adam’s Seaside Villa in Brighton
• Marrikka Trotter (PhD Candidate, Harvard University), Temporal Sublime: Robert Adam’s Castle Style and Picturesque Landscapes

1:00  Lunch

2:00  Session 7: Adam Drawings and Plans
• Stephen Astley (Curator of Drawings, Sir John Soane’s Museum), The Adam Office and Adam Drawings
• David King (Emeritus Professor, Economics, University of Stirling), The Ingenious Mr Adam

3:00  Session 8: The Adam Legacy
• Eileen Harris (historian and author), The Parent Style or the Original Sin? The Adam Revival in America

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