New Series from Ashgate | Science and the Arts since 1750

Posted in books by Editor on June 26, 2015

A new series from Ashgate:

Science and the Arts since 1750
Series editor: Barbara Larson

This series of monographs and edited volumes explores the arts—painting and sculpture, drama, dance, architecture, design, photography, popular culture materials—as they intersect with emergent scientific theories, agendas, and technologies, from any geographical area from 1750 to now. It welcomes studies on the aesthetic conditioning of scientists as well as those that explore the influence of technologies, medicine, and science on visual culture either in a specific cultural or social context or through webs of influence that cross national, political, or imperial boundaries. Projects additionally might address philosophies of mind, brain, and body that changed the way visuality and aesthetic theory were understood or how new theories can be used to reinterpret the past. For more information on how to submit a book proposal to the series, please contact Margaret Michniewicz, at mmichniewicz@ashgate.com.

Barbara Larson is Professor of Art History at the University of West Florida.

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