Call for Papers | Auricular Style: Frames

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on January 18, 2016

The Auricular Style of the seventeenth century regularly occasions evocations of subsequent Rococo designs (for better or worse, though even consideration of the latter might make for a useful contribution). . . The Rijksmuseum is planning an exhibition on the Auricular Style (kwabstijl) in 2018. From the conference website:

Auricular Style: Frames
The Wallace Collection, London, 5–6 October 2016

Proposals due by 29 January 2016

This two-day international conference will be the first dedicated to the Auricular Style, centring on one of its most significant manifestations, the picture frame. The conference aims to stimulate awareness and study of this important but neglected style by bringing together research in fine and decorative art histories. It will consider the origins and development of the style in different materials, together with its dissemination between European centres. The conference will explore how other areas of the decorative and applied arts fed into the creation of picture frames, and were in their turn nourished through the influence of these sculptural objects.

Fourteen speakers are anticipated, and currently include Karen Hearn (University College London), Jacob Simon (National Portrait Gallery), Hubert Baija (Rijksmuseum), Daniela Roberts (University of Würzburg), Allison Stielau (McGill University) and Ada de Wit (Radboud University / Wallace Collection). Displays to run simultaneously with the conference are planned with the Guildhall Art Gallery, and Ham House, London.

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, connections between countries (Italy, France, Bohemia, the Netherlands, Britain, Germany and Scandinavia); the Van Vianens; Fontainebleau; the grotesque; ‘Medici’ frames; the influence of prints; Auricular settings; craftsmanship; the style’s decline and its revivals. Poster presentations exhibited during the conference will be edited with the papers and published, fully illustrated, for free download on The Frame Blog, which it is hoped will become a hub for future related research.

Enquiries and submissions (300–400 word abstracts as Word documents) to alabone.g@gmail.com. Registration free for speakers and poster contributors. Agreed travel and accommodation expenses reimbursed for speakers.

Convenors: Gerry Alabone (Tate / City and Guilds of London Art School) and Lynn Roberts (The Frame Blog) in association with the Institute of Conservation (Gilding and Decorative Surfaces Group).

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