Six-Week Online Course | The Gothic Revival, 1700–1850

Posted in online learning, resources by Editor on February 20, 2016

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From Open Education:

Six-Week MOOC | The Gothic Revival, 1700–1850: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Beginning 29 February 2016

Taught by Dale Townshend and Peter Lindfield

Designed for the non-specialist learner, this six-week course is intended as an introduction to the inter-disciplinary dimensions of the Gothic Revival in British culture of the long eighteenth century (1700–1850). Over 6 weekly sessions, you will be guided by acknowledged experts in the field of Gothic studies through the following topics:

1  Introduction, and the Meanings of the Term ‘Gothic’ in the Eighteenth Century
2  An Introduction to Gothic Literature: Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto (1764)
3  Gothic Literature after Walpole
4  The Gothic Revival in Architecture
5  Gothic Interiors in the Eighteenth Century
6  Gothic in Eighteenth-Century Visual Art

The MOOC commences on Monday 29 February 2016. Each session consists of three mini-lectures, quizzes, the use of reflective diaries, and peer discussion. Your tutors will be available for a one-hour live Question and Answer session per week. Further details about this will follow in due course.

Prerequisites: None, other than an abiding interest in the early Gothic aesthetic.

Time Commitments: Approximately 1 hour of formal instruction time per week, excluding your own personal study and reading.

Rules of Progression: Each successive week will only become available to you once you have completed the quiz for the previous week. Although these weekly exercises to do not count towards your certificate of completion, you are encouraged to complete them in preparation for the final quiz.

Certificates of Completion: Proof of having successfully completed the MOOC will be available at the end of the course. In order to qualify for a certificate, you will have to have scored at least 50% in the final quiz, an informal test comprised of a selection of questions encountered in earlier sessions.

Instructors: Dale Townshend (Senior Lecturer in Gothic and Romantic Studies Division of English Studies, University of Stirling) and Peter Lindfield (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Literature and Languages, University of Stirling)

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