Art History, April 2016

Posted in journal articles by Editor on April 27, 2016

The eighteenth century in the latest issue of Art History (the entire issue looks extraordinary). . .

Art History 39 (April 2016), special issue dedicated to Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe, edited by Richard Taws and Genevieve Warwick.

CeOiiK_WAAEiSMN• Genevieve Warwick and Richard Taws, “After Prometheus: Art and Technology in Early Modern Europe,” pp. 198–209.
• Etienne Jollet, “The Monument to Louis XIV at the Place Vendôme (1699) as a Technical Achievement: A Question of Interest,” pp. 318–39.
• Hanneke Grootenboer, “A Clock Picture as a Philosophical Experiment: The Tableau Mécanique in the Physics Cabinet of Bonnier de la Mosson,” pp. 340–55.
• Bryan J. Wolf, “Of Air Pumps and Teapots: Joseph Wright of Derby, John Singleton Copley and the Technology of Seeing,” pp. 356–75.
• Ann Bermingham, “Technologies of Illusion: De Loutherbourg’s Eidophusikon in Eighteenth-Century London,” pp. 376–99.
• Richard Taws, “Telegraphic Images in Post-Revolutionary France,” pp. 400–21.
• Barbara Maria Stafford, “Seizing Attention: Devices and Desires,” pp. 422–27.

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