New Book | Inside Venice

Posted in books by Editor on August 7, 2016

From Rizzoli:

Toto Bergamo Rossi, with a foreword by Diane Von Furstenberg and Peter Marino, an introduction by James Ivory, and photographs by Jean-François Jaussaud, Inside Venice: A Private View of the City’s Most Beautiful Interiors (New York: Rizzoli, 2016), 310 pages, ISBN: 978-0847848164, $60.

1457689695259The superb interiors of Venice are revealed in this lavishly photographed book, which is sure to appeal to Venice’s many admirers interested in the elegance and refinement of classical Old World interior design. The book is a luxurious presentation of the hidden architectural and interior design treasures of Venice, ranging from historical ninth-century buildings to contemporary renovations that blend old and new. Seventy-two properties, each photographed exclusively for the book, are profiled—mainly private apartments and palazzos, along with some churches, hotels, and other public spaces. Preservation expert Toto Bergamo Rossi selected each property for inclusion based on his detailed field knowledge gained over many years as director of the Venetian Heritage Foundation, whose mission is to safeguard Venetian cultural heritage as manifested in architecture, music, and fine art.

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