Canova and His Legacy at Tomasso Brothers Fine Art

Posted in Art Market by Editor on June 7, 2017

From Tomasso Brothers Fine Art:

Canova and His Legacy
Tomasso Brothers Fine Art , London, 30 June — 7 July 2017

Antonio D’Este, Portrait of Antonio Canova.

Tomasso Brothers Fine Art is opening a new London gallery space at Marquis House, 67 Jermyn Street, St. James’s with a very special exhibition timed for London Art Week 2017. Canova and His Legacy will focus on the Italian master Antonio Canova (1757–1822), arguably the greatest and most illustrious sculptor of his age, and synonymous to this day with the height of Neoclassicism. His works, celebrated for their timeless beauty and grace, have never ceased to inspire generations of artists and collectors alike, and are exhibited in pride of place in the most important museums across the world.

Highlights include a magnificent and exquisite pair of plaster busts by Antonio Canova depicting Paris and Helen, cast at the artist’s atelier in 1812; the supremely graceful Baccante Cimbalista (1837) by Cincinnato Baruzzi (1796–1878), one of Canova’s leading pupils; and, by Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770–1844), a charming portrayal of Cupid with His Bow (Amorino), dating to 1826–28, and which has remained in the same Scottish family since its purchase from Thorvaldsen in 1828.

“Tomasso Brothers is committed to being part of the rich and vibrant art scene in the heart of this historic area of central London. The opening of our new space on Jermyn Street, timed for London Art Week 2017, is an exciting development,” says gallery Director, Dino Tomasso, who has recently been appointed to the Board of London Art Week.

“We chose Canova as a central subject for this exhibition,” adds Raffaello Tomasso, Director, “because, like Michelangelo and Bernini, Canova was a revolutionary force in the field of sculpture. His impact on the Italian School and beyond cannot be overstated. Throughout the Neoclassical period his workshop represented the focal point of sculptural studies in Europe and for generations of marble carvers to come. His legacy reached as far away as Denmark and Scotland, Germany, and Spain.”

Dino and Raffaello Tomasso are recognised internationally for specializing in important European sculpture from the early Renaissance to the Neoclassical periods, and have had a presence in St. James’s since 2013, in addition to their principal gallery at Bardon Hall, Leeds.



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