New Book | Georgian Jewellery, 1714–1830

Posted in books by Editor on November 25, 2018

First published in 2007, this book was reprinted this fall by ACC Art Books:

Ginny Redington Dawes with Olivia Collings, Georgian Jewellery, 1714–1830 (New York: ACC Art Books, 2018), 192 pages, ISBN: 978-1851499212, $85.

Georgian Jewellery is a celebration of the style and excellence of the eighteenth century and of the ingenuity that produced such a wealth of fabulous jewelry. Heavy academic tomes have already been written about the period, but this book examines it in a more colorful and accessible way. The book aims to show that Georgian jewelry is not only the stuff of museums and safe boxes, but that it can be worn as elegantly and fashionably today as it was 200 years ago.

Much disparate information about the jewelry has been gathered together and the period is brought alive by portraits and character sketches of famous Georgians in their finery, fashion tips, gossip, and some rather outrageous cartoons of the time, as well as fascinating recently discovered facts. With information on how to identify, buy and repair pieces, this sumptuously illustrated volume contains the largest single catalogue of eighteenth-century jewelry.

Ginny Redington Dawes, a life-long collector of antique jewelry, has written two previous books on the subject: The Bakelite Jewellery Book and Victorian Jewellery. Staff writer for MGM Screengems Music, she is also a successful composer; she wrote the book, music and lyrics for the off-Broadway show The Talk of the Town and has won a CLEO award for music for advertising.

Olivia Collings became fascinated by the seventeenth-century alchemist and jeweler Christopher Pinchbeck at an early age and bought her first piece of antique jewelry aged seven. She trained in an exclusive Bond Street antique jewellery shop before starting her own business in 1975 and has continued learning about and dealing in Georgian jewellery ever since. She is now an independent jewelry consultant.

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