Innovation in Teaching Award

Posted in Calls for Papers, opportunities, teaching resources by Editor on September 3, 2009

ASECS Innovative Course Design Competition

Deadline: 1 October 2009

To encourage excellence in undergraduate teaching of the eighteenth century, the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies invites proposals from members in any of its constituent disciplines. Proposals should be for a new approach to teaching a unit within a course on the eighteenth century, covering perhaps one to four weeks of instruction, or for an entire new course. For example, participants may offer a new approach to a specific work or theme, a comparison of two related works from different fields (music and history, art and theology), an interdisciplinary approach to a particular social or historical event, new uses of instructional technology (e.g., web sites, internet resources and activities), or a new course that has never been taught or has been taught only very recently for the first time. Participants are encourage to include why books and topics were selected and how they worked. Applicants should submit five (5) copies of a 3-5 page proposal (double-spaced) and should focus sharply on the leading ideas distinguishing the unit to be developed. Where relevant, a syllabus draft of the course should also be provided.

The Committee will select the top three proposals by November 15. A major criterion for judging the proposals is how specific they are in relation to design, readings, pedagogy, and/or activities. The authors will be asked to develop a brief presentation for delivery in the Teaching Competition seminar at the 2010 Annual Meeting. A distinguished teacher-scholar will be invited to moderate the session. A $500 award will be presented to each of the participants, and they will be invited to submit a twelve-page account of the unit or course, with a syllabus or other supplementary materials for publication on the website.

Only submissions by ASECS members will be accepted. Please send proposals to: Byron R. Wells, Executive Director, ASECS, PO Box 7867, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC 27109; Telephone: (336) 727-4694; E-mail: ASECS@wfu.edu. DEADLINE: 1 October 2009.

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