Notes and Queries | Info on Benjamin Haydon or Charles Stanhope?

Posted in notes & queries by Editor on February 7, 2015

27903215_1_xTo date, we’ve not done a lot of inquiry-oriented things here at Enfilade, but I’ve long thought it could be a useful forum for certain kinds of notes and queries. Here’s a question from Susan Dixon:

The La Salle University Art Museum in Philadelphia recently acquired a painting attributed to Benjamin Haydon (1786–1846). The staff have some cause to believe it’s a portrait of the Stanhope family. Charles Stanhope, the 3rd Earl Stanhope (1753–1816), invented a type of printing press that bears his name. He had three sons and a few daughters.

Might anyone be conducting research relevant to the painting?

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Notes & Queries | Image of the British Museum

Posted in notes & queries by Editor on February 3, 2013

Yesterday, Arlene Leis posted a question to C18-L regarding this print. Since, however, the list (like most listservs) doesn’t allow for attachments, I thought it might be useful to include the query here. -CH

This small picture (10 x 12 cm)  is from a lady’s pocket book, circa 1780. Tents are set-up around the garden wall, but in the middle are rows of tiny triangles. Does anyone know what these might be? Also, I would appreciate any information pertaining to the camp set up in the museum’s garden.

Arlene Leis

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