HECAA Emerging Scholars’ (Virtual) Meet-and-Greet

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HECAA Emerging Scholars’ (Virtual) Meet-and-Greet
Thursday, 1 July 2021, 5.30–6.30pm (EDT)

Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture (HECAA) is pleased to announce the first Emerging Scholars’ (Virtual) Meet-and-Greet. Come meet other HECAA emerging scholars* and chat casually about your work and about what kind of programming or resources you would like HECAA to put together to serve this constituency.

Please register here:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. If you cannot join this meet-up but have ideas or concerns to share, please reach out to Daniella Berman, At-Large Board Member/Graduate Student Representative: daniella.berman@nyu.edu. Please circulate widely to colleagues and students. This meet-up is open to non-HECAA members interested in getting a sense for our community.

* There’s no cut-off for this emerging scholars’ group; please self-identify as you see fit!

Call for Applications | HECAA Social Media Manager

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HECAA Social Media Manager, 2021–2023
Applications due by 4 June 2021

HECAA is seeking a new Social Media Manager. The position requires 2–3 hours per week, and includes a $1500 yearly stipend. This is a two-year position (1 July 2021 – 30 June 2023) with a review at one year.

We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic about eighteenth-century visual culture, has strong communication skills, and has experience with social media. The Social Media Manager (SMM) will maintain and grow all social media accounts on behalf of HECAA (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook). As SMM, you will be responsible for continuing to develop the look and tone of HECAA’s social media presence, using the accounts to highlight the work of HECAA members, promote the organization’s activities, build community, and increase visibility of eighteenth-century art history. You will make/oversee/coordinate at least three social media posts per week, more during times of peak HECAA activity.

To apply, please send a brief cover letter that includes your vision for the HECAA accounts and a CV to the HECAA board at hecaamembers@gmail.com by 4 June 2021.

Thank you!
The HECAA Board

Call for Applications | HECAA Pandemic Relief Grant

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HECAA Pandemic Relief Grant
Applications due by 21 May 2021

HECAA announces a relief program to support new and existing members during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Working with funds raised during our recent Pandemic Relief campaign, HECAA will distribute up to six grants of $250 each to assist recipients suffering from financial hardship. The grants may be used to cover a variety of specific costs, including research, publication subventions, equipment purchases, digital subscriptions, and more. HECAA is also sensitive to the ways in which the pandemic has curtailed employment opportunities and other forms of institutional support more broadly. While the grants cannot fully replace this funding, they can be used to cover expenses for those who have experienced furloughs, layoffs, and/or the cancellation of internships, fellowships, or other institutional funding.

Preference will be given to contingent scholars, graduate students, and other early career scholars (within five years of PhD). All recipients must be HECAA members in good standing. If you are not yet a member, but would like to join, please contact us at hecaamembers@gmail.com. Reduced rate memberships are available for those with demonstrated need.

Application Requirements
• Short CV (2 pages)
• Brief description of how the pandemic has adversely affected your work (1 paragraph)
• Summary of how you intend to spend the funds (1 paragraph)

Please submit your applications by 21 May 2021 to hecaamembers@gmail.com. Applicants will be notified of funding distributions by 1 June 2021.

From HECAA’s Board | Condemnation of Anti-Asian Violence

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HECAA’s board sent the following message to its membership on Tuesday, 6 April 2021, with an eye toward starting a conversation at the annual business meeting at ASECS (online) on Saturday at 3:55pm:

In the wake of the recent deadly attacks in Atlanta, and in the face of systemic racism and persistent xenophobia inside and outside our discipline, the board of HECAA offers the following statement of solidarity.

We condemn anti-Asian violence in all its forms and deplore the historical imbalances of power that have enabled racist violence to go unaddressed for so long. We stand in solidarity with our Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander students and colleagues, offering our gratitude to those who have reached out to share their experiences of racism in academia and the world at large. As historians of the eighteenth century, we acknowledge our responsibility to address not only the racism present in the world today, but also its eighteenth-century roots. In the face of continued intolerance, we dedicate ourselves to the work of educating ourselves, our students, and our communities about the historical origins ongoing legacy of racial prejudice, affirming our commitment to HECAA as an open and inclusive forum for scholarship and intellectual exchange.

Michael Yonan—Alan Templeton Professor of European Art, UC Davis

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Michael Yonan has been named the inaugural Alan Templeton Endowed Professor of European Art, 1600–1830, at the University of California, Davis. Professor Yonan received his PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and taught previously at the University of Missouri. In 2019 he was visiting guest professor in the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Yonan is the author of Empress Maria Theresa and the Politics of Habsburg Imperial Art (Penn State, 2011) and Messerschmidt’s Character Heads: Maddening Sculpture and the Writing of Art History (Routledge, 2018). With Stacey Sloboda he co-edited the volume Eighteenth-Century Art Worlds: Global and Local Geographies of Art (Bloomsbury, 2019). His most recent articles are “Martin van Meytens’s Portrait of Johann Michael von Grosser (c. 1700–1784): The Business of Nobility,” which appeared in Art Bulletin of Nationalmuseum Stockholm (2019); and “Knowing the World through Rococo Ornamental Prints,” in Organic Supplements: Bodies, Objects, and the Natural World, 1580–1750, ed. Miriam Jacobson and Julie Park (University of Virginia Press, 2020). From 2012 to 2016 he was president of HECAA and now serves on the ASECS Executive Board.

Currently he is researching a book-length study of south German rococo design and with colleagues in Stockholm is planning a collection of essays on global material culture in early modern Sweden. He welcomes undergraduates interested in eighteenth-century art to apply to the MA program at UC Davis.

Today | HECAA Emerging Scholars Showcase

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HECAA Emerging Scholars Showcase
Online, Saturday, 7 November 2020, 2:00–3:30pm (EST)

The first HECAA Emerging Scholars Showcase begins today at 2pm EST. Please join us via zoom to hear our first seven emerging scholars present their research. Each participant will present for 3–5 minutes, and after the presentations, we will host a question and answer session. The seven presenters and their presentation titles are listed below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dani Ezor (dezor@smu.edu).

Best regards,

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

Zoom link: https://smu.zoom.us/j/95131749838
Meeting ID: 951 3174 9838

• Aditi Gupta, (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Imperial Collection of J.B Gentil: A Frenchman’s Quest for Knowledge Production on India

• Nele Lüttmann (Trinity College Dublin), German Architects in Britain and Ireland, 1700–1750

• Agnieszka Anna Ficek (CUNY Graduate Center), Picturing the Peruvienne: The Exotic and Erotic in Mme de Graffigny’s Lettres d’une Peruvienne

• María del Castillo García Romero (University of Seville), Feminae Devotae: Artistic Portraits on Religious Female Culture in Baja Andalusia during the Eighteenth Century

• Michael Hartman (University of Delaware), Bodies and Vision in the North American Landscape

• Archie Manister-O’Neill (Courtauld Institute of Art), In Search of Rebecca Magg: Tracing the History of Three Hand-Crafted Dolls (ca. 1786) Kept in the Bristol Archive

• Ashley Hannebrink (Harvard University), Shaping the Self: Sculpture and the Interior in Eighteenth-Century France

HECAA Pandemic Relief Fund, Give Today

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Jean-Baptiste Lesueur (1749–1826), “Citoyennes de Paris faisant hommage de leurs bijoux à l’Assemblée Constituante, le 7 septembre 1789” (Citizens of Paris paying tribute with their jewels at the Constituent Assembly, 7 September 1789), gouache (Paris: musée Carnavalet).

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture
Pandemic Relief Fund

Scholars of eighteenth-century art are facing unprecedented challenges this fall as we struggle to adjust to the realities of the global pandemic. The officers and board of Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture (HECAA) have been working on developing resources to help our members cope with these challenges.

One thing is immediately clear — institutional funding for research is going to be in short supply this year. This is going to have the greatest impact on our graduate student and contingent faculty members. So our first priority was to create a new grant fund, and to raise and disburse money as quickly as possible to help our members.

HECAA has a proud tradition of supporting fellow members, especially emerging scholars. I experienced this personally as a graduate student — HECAA was my first intellectual home, and helped me imagine my career as a teacher and scholar. Every member of our board has a similar story. Will you join us in creating a Pandemic Relief Fund? Any and all gifts will help, but we’re going to set our sights high — let’s see if we can raise $4000 to award to applicants this fall.

Make a donation now»

Thanks in advance,
Amy Freund, President

Elizabeth Eager, Vice President
Amanda Strasik, Secretary
Monica Anke Hahn, Treasurer
Wendy Bellion, Board Member
Danielle Ezor, Board Member
Jessica Fripp, Board Member

HECAA Launches New Website

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HECAA is pleased to announce its new website! To visit, go to hecaa18.org where you can explore exciting content like featured artworks, recently published member books, and resources for graduate students. All active members will have access to the HECAA forum, where you can share ideas, exchange teaching materials, and more.

And no worries: Enfilade will continue largely as it has up to now, including its affiliation with HECAA. It’s been clear—really since this site launched in 2009—that Enfilade’s audience overlaps with HECAA but is also much broader. The launch of the new HECAA site means that the organization now has the website it has long deserved. I’m delighted with the new site and look forward to how it will develop. Kudos to the officers (outgoing and incoming) and to the board members who have brought it to fruition.

I’m confident that many Enfilade readers would enjoy the additional resources and community that HECAA has to offer. Membership is affordable, with an annual student rate of $10 and a professional rate of $30. So please consider joining. And please keep checking in here.

Craig Hanson


Introducing Katherine Iselin, HECAA’s Social Media Manager

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I’m Katherine Iselin, the new social media manager for HECAA. I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Missouri in Art History and Archaeology, focusing on Greek and Roman art and architecture with a minor in eighteenth-century European art. My dissertation, “Historia Spintriae: The Pleasures of Collecting Ancient Erotica,” focuses on the role of Roman erotic art in the collecting culture and creation of pornography during the early modern period.

I look forward to expanding HECAA’s online profile. I see HECAA’s social media presence as a way to connect professional historians to those outside the academic world in a fun and informative manner. These platforms will also be used to highlight some of the art that is frequently omitted from the art historical canon. If you have an idea about an underrepresented topic you would like to see featured in HECAA’s social media, please get in touch with me. Most posts will spotlight select works from the long eighteenth century, but I also plan to do a #MicroMonday feature! These posts will include ‘close up’ details of an unknown work and ask followers to try and identify it.

I welcome comments from members with other new ideas for creative posts! If you are going to a conference, please contact me about potentially doing some guest posts, either by direct messaging on the platforms or email me at iselinkatherine@gmail.com. You can also use #HECAA so I can share your posts.

Please follow HECAA on these platforms:
Instagram: @HECAA_c18arthistorians
Twitter: @HECAA2
Facebook: HECAA – Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture (or username: @HECAAonline)

Looking forward to what lies ahead!


Two New HECAA Positions, Now Open

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At this year’s annual HECAA business meeting, held in Denver on 22 March 2019, the membership discussed and gave general approval to the creation of a HECAA website and social media presence. The executive board is now eager to receive applications for these two positions. Although Enfilade was originally conceived as a ‘newsletter’ for HECAA, it was apparent within weeks of the site’s launch in 2009 that the readership would be much broader than the organization’s membership and thus the site has always had a somewhat peculiar relationship to the organization. As described in the recently updated constitution & bylaws, Enfilade will continue to be affiliated with HECAA—much like Journal18—but now seems to be a good time for developing distinct web and social media presences. These promising initiatives have my full support, and I look forward to what emerges. And no worries: I’ve no plans to discontinue Enfilade any time soon! The familiar format of a decade-old blog will scroll into the future as well. Craig Hanson

HECAA Website Designer

$2500–$3000 for an estimated 60–80 hour project,
using Wix, Weebly, or WordPress

Desired Features
• home page + interior pages, some with password-protected access for members only
• ability to add special events page (for future conferences, etc)
• portal page should be mobile-responsive
• integrated donation/payment system, with PayPal or similar to facilitate membership renewals, donations, other payments
• event calendar
• social photo gallery, integrated with social media posts

• a demonstrated competency with web design and familiarity with at least one of the possible software platforms
• a vision for the look and feel of HECAA’s web presence
• strong visual/writing skills
• an ability to work independently and to teach yourself/acquire new technical skills as needed

To apply, send CV, cover letter, and examples of past work in web design or content creation to Amelia Rauser arauser@fandm.edu. The HECAA Executive Board will review applicants beginning 15 May 2019.

HECAA Social Media Manager

$1500 stipend for one year, 1 July 2019 — 30 June 2020
about 10 hours/week expected

Establish and maintain two social media accounts on behalf of HECAA (Instagram + either Twitter or a Facebook Group). Create HECAA’s social media tone and look. Support website maintenance, once the HECAA website is completed.

• make/oversee/coordinate at least one social media post per week, more during times of peak HECAA activity
• generate content for posts
• use accounts to highlight the work of HECAA members, build community, and increase visibility of eighteenth-century art history
• using Instagram as the chief platform, create content that is both aesthetically pleasing and informational
• may coordinate different HECAA members for temporary account takeovers
• coordinate with Enfilade and Journal18 to mutually enhance each other’s social media presence
• keep website up to date and in sync with social media and Enfilade: update calendar, sync photo gallery with social posts, etc.

• familiarity with Instagram plus either Facebook or Twitter
• a vision for HECAA’s social media identity and presence
• good people/ networking skills
• good research skills (for content generation purposes)
• strong visual/writing skills

To apply, send CV, cover letter, and two sample posts (geared to a platform of your choice) to Amelia Rauser arauser@fandm.edu. The HECAA Executive Board will review applicants beginning 1 June 2019.

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