Call for Papers: Beyond the Waters at Bath

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on December 2, 2009

More than a Spa Resort? — The Urban Experience in Bath since the Reformation
Symposium at Bath Spa University, 24 April 2010

Paper proposals due by 1 January 2010

Bath is a city in need of historical reappraisal. Much historiography focuses on the city as a spa resort and the personalities involved in its development, but little has been written on the residential population and links between them and the visitors. Bath attracted entrepreneurs and young people with the offer of employment opportunities and education. Could the city be seen as a centre for commerce and education outside London? The city was also a centre of conversation and opinion with many spaces set aside for sociability and display. How did these social networks develop and how were they maintained? The relationship between Bath and the rest of country also needs to be addressed. Was the city a trend follower or a trend setter? How did Bath stand in relation to London and other main towns?

To explore these issues, Bath Spa University is hosting an international symposium on 24th April 2010, with a view to holding a conference later in the year placing Bath within the European context. Keynote speakers include Professor Rosemary Sweet (Head of History, University of Leicester) and Professor Peter Borsay (Aberystwyth University). Proposals for papers of 15 minute duration are invited on any of the following subjects:

  • Urbanisation
  • Commercialisation
  • The use of space
  • The growth of civic consciousness
  • Class (particularly the rising middle classes and servants)
  • Gender
  • Philanthropy
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Political culture
  • Other subjects relating to the urban milieu

Interdisciplinary and non-historical papers are particularly welcome. Please send abstracts of proposed papers (250 words) to d.hughes@bathspa.ac.uk. The closing date for the submission of abstracts is 1st January 2010.

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