A New Model for Publishing Art History Articles

Posted in journal articles by Editor on January 14, 2010

Kunstgeschichte: Open Peer Reviewed Journalhttp://www.kunstgeschichte-ejournal.net/
Transparent Reviewing and Prompt Interaction

Following the motto “Democratization of scientific communication,” this international and cross-epochal scholarly journal for art history was launched in January 2009. Papers submitted to the e-journal are first put up as ‘Discussion Papers’ for public peer assessment over a period of six months. After this stage, the authors have the option of revising their work according to the public comments. Only then will the definitive papers be published as ‘Journal Articles’. By proceeding thus we capitalize on the specific possibilities of the internet: It allows scholars to interact immediately, and to contribute comments, criticism, and additional information online to the papers published in Kunstgeschichte: Open Peer Reviewed Journal.

Contributions for the period from October-December 2009

A) New Research

  • Frank Zöllner, ‘Kanon und Hysterie: Primavera, Mona Lisa und die Sixtina im Chaos der Deutungen’
  • Sylvia Diebner, ‘Kunst am Bau: Die Scuole centrali antincendi in Rom-Capannelle (1941)’
  • Steffen Krämer, ‘Charles Jencks und das Prinzip der Doppel-, Mehr- und Überkodierung: Kommunikation und Interpretation der postmodernen Architektur’
  • Jürgen Tabor, ‘Zur sozialen Logik der Kunstindustrie’

B) Reconsidered

  • Hans Sedlmayr, ‘Die macchia Bruegels [1934]’

C) Comments

  • Tanja Michalsky, Hans Sedlmayr, ‘Die macchia Bruegels [1934]’ (Kunstgeschichte. Texte zur Diskussion 2009-54)
  • Lambert Wiesing, Kommentar zu Martina Sauer: Wahrnehmen von Sinn vor jeder sprachlichen oder gedanklichen Fassung? Frage an Ernst Cassirer (Kunstgeschichte. Texte zur Diskussion 2008-6)
  • Renate Prochno, Bemerkungen zu Anastasia Dittmann: ‘Imitation is the means, not the end, of art: Peter Paul Rubens und Sir Joshua Reynolds über die Grammatik antiker Skulptur’ (Kunstgeschichte. Texte zur Diskussion 2009-35) (more…)
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