The Eighteenth Century in April’s ‘Burlington Magazine’

Posted in journal articles by Editor on May 18, 2010

From last month’s issue of The Burlington Magazine 152 (April 2010):

  • Ann V. Gunn, “Paul Sandby, William Pars and the Society of Dilettanti,” pp. 219-226.
  • Owen Hopkins, review of Compass and Rule: Architecture as Mathematical Practice in England by A. Gerbino and S. Johnston, pp. 250-51.
  • Robert J. Gemmett, review of William Beckford: A Bibliography by J. Millington, pp. 251-52.
  • Vanessa Brett, review of British and Continental Gold and Silver in the Ashmolean Museum by T. Schroder, p. 252.
  • Christoph Martin Vogtherr, review of the exhibition Jean Raoux, pp. 267-68.

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