Keeping Track — New Acquisitions Blog at the Walpole Library

Posted in resources by Editor on May 23, 2010

Scholarship in the digital age of connectivity creates enormous possibilities, and yet these possibilities also pose new problems. It’s terrific that collections of visual and textual materials are increasingly available online, but knowing what’s where can be tricky. Further complicating matters is the fact that institutional collections are always adding more. Just because something wasn’t available online last summer doesn’t mean that it’s not there now. In some ways, this is just a new version of the old problem of spreading the word about new acquisitions. Fortunately, the digital age provides us with tools that could help. Listservs and blogs are ideally suited for such announcements, and Enfilade is certainly one forum for sharing these kinds of updates.

"Journey from Paris to Naples, 1769"

LWL Mss Vol 181, William Henry Bunbury

In a more focused manner, the Lewis Walpole Library hosts a blog dedicated to its own “Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions.” The posting from 11 May 2010, for instance, takes note of the travel diary of William Henry Bunbury (1750-1821), which documents his journey from Paris to Naples in 1769. Now best known for his caricatures, William was the younger brother of Sir Charles Bunbery, whose first wife was famously painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds (the portrait of Lady Sarah Sacrificing to the Graces is in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago). Of course, the Walpole Library blog becomes one more site to keep tabs on, but it would seem like a workable solution. Any thoughts?

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