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Posted in resources by Editor on July 15, 2010

From the Editor

It’s been bothering for me a while that Enfilade hasn’t done more with the history of eighteenth-century gardens. Those of you who keep better tabs on the field than I, please don’t be shy about submitting any notices regarding conferences, CFPs, reviews, or new publications.

For readers who would like to know more, you might spend some time at the fine website of the London-based Garden History Society, which includes news of upcoming events, recent book reviews from the society’s journal Garden History, and general information about the work of the GHS. Also have a look at the fine blog, Early American Gardens, which focuses on “America’s colonial Atlantic coast & early republic” particularly in terms of “what primary sources reveal was actually in these gardens, when various garden components were noted, & what people were doing in these gardens & why” (my thanks to Janet Blyberg for the reference). I’m afraid this sort of sampling just reinforces how much I’ve overlooked, but it’s a start. -C.H.

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