Exhibition: Goya’s ‘Disasters of War’ in Barcelona

Posted in exhibitions by Editor on April 15, 2011

As noted at ArtDaily:

Goya: The Disasters of War / Los Desastres de la Guerra
Museu Diocesà de Barcelona, 24 March — 29 May 2011

Ibercaja, together with the Diocesan Museum of Barcelona, has organised this exhibition of the first complete series of The Disasters of the War: 80 engravings of the Aragonese painter Francisco Goya Lucientes (Fuendetodos, Zaragoza, 1746 – Bordeaux, 1828). These were painted during the Spanish Independence War, between 1810 and 1814, and are a graphical chronicle of those tragic events. However, Goya far-reaches the events and his existential and vital adventure, and he uses his art to make a declaration against all wars: he denounces the atrocities of the French army against the Spanish people, as well as the violence of the soldiers and the uncontrollable masses. The result of these paintings is the evidence of a surprisingly modernity for the times, a real crude disillusioned reflexion about mankind, finding itself in a limit situation that creates cruelty, death and misery and shows the failure of reason, strongly defended by the erudites. . . .

The full ArtDaily posting is available here»

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