The Irish Georgian Society to Restore Dublin’s City Assembly House

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From the Irish Georgian Society:

One of the most exciting developments in the history of the Irish Georgian Society has been its acquisition of the old City Assembly House, on South William Street, on a lease from Dublin City Council. In partnership with the Council, the Society aims to restore and revitalise this landmark building as a centre for its heritage and cultural activities but also, and most importantly, to give back to the life of the city one of its long forgotten but once venerable public spaces — the octagonal Exhibition Room of the former Society of Artists.

Over fifty years the Irish Georgian Society has established an unparalleled reputation for rescuing and restoring historic buildings throughout Ireland. In turning its attention to the City Assembly House, the IGS, in partnership with Dublin City Council, aims to restore this historically and architecturally significant building to its former glory. To achieve this the Irish Georgian Society, through its international membership in Ireland, the UK and the US, need to raise €2,000,000 over three years. Significant fundraising has already taken place on both sides of the Atlantic.

Once fully restored, the City Assembly House will become:

  • An incomparable middle sized venue for exhibitions, lectures, musical performances and for other public gatherings.
  • Headquarters for the Irish Georgian Society A centre for those interested in the Society’s activities relating to the preservation and conservation of our built heritage and support for the nation’s heritage in the decorative arts.
  • A venue for other organizations active in the architectural conservation and heritage fields.
  • A significant addition to the amenities of one of the oldest streets in Dublin, of the local community and as a new tourist destination for visitors to Dublin.

Please join with us in this amazing adventure. Our ambition is to complete this task in time for the building’s 250th anniversary in 2016 and for this we need your support. Information about how you can donate is available here»

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On Sunday, 3 July 2011, from 2-4pm, the City Assembly House (58 South William Street) will be open to visitors. Staff and the IGS Committee will be on hand to guide you around the house.

Resources Offered at the Irish Georgian Society Website

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In addition to providing news about numerous events and various programmes, the website for the Irish Georgian Society includes two interesting resources: 1) A Register of Traditional Building Skills and 2) A Catalogue of Irish Theses and Dissertations Relating to Architecture and the Allied Arts. The following information comes from the IGS site:

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Traditional Building Skills Register

The needs of historic buildings and structures differ to those of new buildings. In dealing with a historic building professional input is vital and craftsmen with traditional skills are a necessity. Those involved need to understand the principles and practices of conservation, as using incorrect, inappropriate or unnecessary methods can do a great deal of irreversible damage. The Register was established to ensure that those undertaking conservation work can identify craftspeople and professionals with good conservation expertise.

Users of the register should be mindful that the register has been complied from information given by those listed and no responsibility is accepted by the Irish Georgian Society for the accuracy of the information, or for any fault or accident arising from the workmanship of anyone listed, or from materials used or supplied by them. Descriptions of conservation work undertaken was requested, and is listed under each entry, so that the skills and achievements of each individual or firm can be assessed by the user of the register. Inclusion should not be regarded as either a recommendation or an endorsement by the Society. The Register is not comprehensive and no criticism is implied or intended of an individual or firm not included. Every reasonable care has been taken in the compiling of the register but no responsibility is accepted for errors and omissions. . . .

More information and access is available here»

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A Catalogue of Irish Theses and Dissertations Relating to Architecture and the Allied Arts

This catalogue is an academic resource tool that has been compiled by the Irish Georgian Society in collaboration with Ireland’s academic institutions. It provides a centralised database of Irish theses and dissertations relating to architecture and the allied arts, which have been submitted as part of an academic qualification awarded on the island of Ireland. . . .

More information and access is available here»

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