Lecture | Boulle as a Collector of Old Master Drawings

Posted in lectures (to attend) by Editor on January 11, 2014

Later this month at The Wallace in connection with its History of Collecting Seminars:

Mia Jackson | Boulle the Connoisseur: ‘An Incurable Mania’
André-Charles Boulle as a Collector of Old Master Drawings
The Wallace Collection, London, 27 January 2014

André-Charles Boulle (1642–1732) was the most renowned ébéniste of his time, giving his name to the marquetry of turtleshell and brass that he brought to such perfection. He was also a voracious collector of works on paper and despite the success of his furniture, he died in debt. This is unsurprising given that the great collector, Pierre-Jean Mariette, his near-contemporary, said of him: ‘there was never a sale of prints and drawings at which he was not present and buying, often without having the means to pay’.

This seminar will focus on Boulle’s drawings—the types of  drawings Boulle collected, the rôle drawings may have played in the production of his furniture and the importance of his collection in relation to those of his contemporaries and clientèle. This will reveal a collection much more complex than the ‘source délicieuse’ beloved of furniture scholars, that included not only the works of his fellow ‘illustres’ in the Louvre, but also works by artists such as Raphael, van Dyck, the Carraccis and a much-regretted lost theoretical notebook by Rubens.

Admission is free and booking is not required.

Mia Jackson (Queen Mary, University of London)
Monday, 5:30, 27 January  2014
Lecture Theatre, The Wallace Collection

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