Attingham Offerings for 2017

Posted in opportunities by Editor on November 14, 2016


Giovanni Paolo Panini, Modern Rome, 1757, 172 × 233 cm
(New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 52.63.2)

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Along with Attingham’s regular course offerings, next year’s study programme will be based in Italy. More information and application forms are available at Attingham’s website. Applicants from the U.S. may contact Cynthia Drayton, admin@americanfriendsofattingham.org. Applicants from outside the U.S. may contact Rita Grudzień, rita.grudzien@attinghamtrust.org.

The 66th Attingham Summer School, 29 June — 16 July 2017
Applications due by 27 January 2017

Directed by David Adshead and Elizabeth Jamieson, and accompanied by specialist tutors and lecturers, this intensive 18-day course will include visits to country houses houses in Sussex, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Oxfordshire. The Summer School will examine the country house in terms of architectural and social history, and the decorative arts.

Royal Collection Studies, 3–12 September 2017
Applications due by 12 February 2017

Run on behalf of Royal Collection Trust, this strenuous 10-day course is based near Windsor. The school will visit royal palaces in and around London with specialist tutors (many from the Royal Collection) and study the extensive patronage and collecting of the royal family from the Middle Ages onwards.

Attingham Study Programme: Palaces and Villas of Rome and Naples, 18–26 September 2017
Applications due by 12 February 2017

Conceived from the perspective of the British, European, and American travellers who visited Italy to experience antique, renaissance, and baroque Rome during the period c.1650–1950, this intensive Study Programme is in association with the British School at Rome. . . . The programme will consider palaces and villas with their collections in the light of papal patronage and focus upon some of the key Roman families and their influence upon their contemporaries. The choice of properties encompasses those that inspired travellers to collect sculpture, books, paintings and works of art, their taste inspired by the desire to furnish and sometimes rebuild their town and country houses back home. The course director is Andrew Moore.

The London House Course, 3–9 October 2017
Applications due by 12 April 2017

The programme studies the development of the London house from the Renaissance to the present. It combines numerous visits to houses—many of them private—with a series of lectures by leading authorities. Progressing chronologically and exploring all over London, the course takes members inside grand aristocratic buildings, smaller domestic houses, artists’ studios, and the garden suburb. Speakers include Neil Burton, Caroline Dakers, Joseph Friedman, Sarah Nichols, and Gavin Stamp. The course is directed by David Adshead.

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Note (added 28 January 2017) — The original posting did not include information on The London House Course.




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