Symposium | Saint-Cloud to Bernardaud: French Porcelain, 1690–2000

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From The French Porcelain Society:

Saint-Cloud to Bernardaud: New Horizons in French Porcelain, 1690–2000
The French Porcelain Society Symposium
The Wallace Collection, London, 20–21 October 2017

Organized by Aileen Dawson

From top left: Saint-Cloud Vase, 1695–1710 (New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art); Bastien & Bugeard Clock, 1848–58 (Paris: Musée des Arts décoratifs); Mennecy Jug, 1760 (London: Victoria and Albert Museum); Villeroy Monkey, 1745 (New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art); Guérhard & Dihl Vase, 1797–1804 (Clandon Park, National Trust); and Bernardaud Vase, 2015, by Hervé Van Der Straeten.

The symposium will present ground-breaking new research on a broad range of French porcelain factories operating from the late 17th century up to the present day. Many of these factories have at times been unjustly neglected in favour of the royal factory at Sevres, even though their productions could at times rival its splendid output, and all were responding to the same changes in taste and fashion. Papers will focus on Saint-Cloud, Chantilly, Mennecy, and factories in Eastern France, such as Strasbourg and Niderviller, those operating in Paris in the late 18th and 19th centuries, such as Dihl, Shoelcher and Dagoty, and the Limoges factories in production in the 19th century and up to the present day. The location, capitalisation, techniques of manufacture, employment of artists, sculptors and designers, marketing and clientèle will be explored by some twenty leading international scholars.

The symposium is organized by Dr Aileen Dawson, former curator at The British Museum. It is open to members and non-members of The French Porcelain Society, and bursaries may be available for scholars who wish to attend. The registration fee is £100 (non-FPS members £110, students £70) with additional fees for lunches and an evening reception. Please contact FPSenquiries@gmail.com.


17th and 18th Centuries
• Errol Manners, The Porcelain of Villeroy
• Nicole Duchon, Mennecy Villeroy: Some Surprising New Discoveries
• Pamela Roditi, Two Travellers: Robinson and Clara
• John Whitehead, The Painter Piat-Joseph Sauvage: his work on porcelain at Dihl
• Iris Moon, Use Your Illusion: Niderviller Ceramics and Rococo Aesthetics at the 18th-Century French Border

19th Century
• Tamara Préaud, Brongniart and the ‘Exposition des Produits de l’industrie (1819–1844)
• Audrey Gay-Mazuel, Parisian Porcelain Makers and the Mid-19th-Century Rococo Revival
• Sonia Banting, A Little-Known Maker of pâte-sur-pâte: Charles Pillivuyt (1810–1872) and His Porcelain Factory in the Berry Region
• Virginie Desrante, Jules Lesme and Limoges in the Style of Bernard Palissy
• Howard Coutts, Paris and Other French Porcelain in the Bowes Museum
• Régine de Plinval de Guillebon, Dagoty, Porcelain Manufacturer to the Empress Josephine: Designs and Their Realisation

20th Century
• Hélène Huret, Arists and Designers at Bernadaud, Limoges, from Kees Van Dongen to Jeff Koons, Know-How and Invention



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