New Book | Exiles in a Global City: The Irish and Early Modern Rome

Posted in books by Editor on December 3, 2017

From Brill:

Clare Lois Carroll, Exiles in a Global City: The Irish and Early Modern Rome, 1609–1783 (Leiden: Brill, 2017), 342 pages, ISBN: 978 900433 5165, €149 / $172.

In Exiles in a Global City, Clare Carroll explores Irish migrants’ experiences in early modern Rome and interprets representations of their cultural identities in relation to their interaction with world-wide Spanish and Roman institutions. This study focuses on some sources in Roman archives not previously considered by Irish historians. The book examines a wide array of cultural productions—Ó Cianáin’s account of O’Neill’s progress from Ireland to Rome, Luke Wadding’s history of the Franciscan order, the portraits at S. Isidoro, the first printed Irish grammar, the letters of Oliver Plunkett, the records of a hospice for converts, Charles Wogan’s memoir, and reports on the national college—for how they transformed emerging senses of an Irish nation.

Clare Carroll (Professor of Comparative Literature, Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY) is the author of Circe’s Cup: Cultural Transformations in Early Modern Ireland (Cork UP, 2001) and editor of Ireland and Postcolonial Theory (Cork, 2003).


List of Illustrations

1  The ‘Nation’ in Rome: Ó Cianáin’s “Pilgrimage of the Earls” (1609)
2  The Exile as Historian: Luke Wadding’s Annales Minorum (1625–54) between Global and Local Affiliations
3  The Transculturation of Exile: Visual Style and Identity in the Frescoes of the Aula Maxima at St. Isidore’s (1672)
4  A Poetic Anthology for Exiles: Irish Cultural Memory in the First Printed Gaelic Grammar (1677)
5  The Return of the Exile: Oliver Plunkett between Rome and Ireland
6  Irish Protestants in the Theater of the World: The Apostolic Hospice for the Converting, Rome, 1677–1745
7  The Romance and Disillusionment of Exile: Charles Wogan and his Memoir of Clementina Sobieska
8 ‘The Spiritual Government of the Entire World’: A Memorial for the Irish College Rome, January 1783

Appendix 1: Comparison of GLH with manuscript Grammars
Appendix 2: Index of first lines in Grammatica Latino-Hibernica
Appendix 3: List of Irish Guests at the Ospizio Apostolico dei Convertendi


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