Exhibition | Paris on Display: 18th-Century Boutiques

Posted in exhibitions by Editor on February 10, 2018

Opening this spring at the Stewart Museum in Montreal:

Paris on Display: 18th-Century Boutiques / Paris en Vitrine: Les boutiques au 18e siècle
Musée Stewart, Montréal, 25 April 2018 — 24 March 2019

Stores of the Louvre, drawing, France, 18th century (Montreal: Stewart Museum).

Presenting a consumer society in the making, Paris on Display invites visitors to consider the City of Light as it was in the 18th century, exploring the boutiques in three districts known for their commercial bustle: la Cité, la Ville, and l’Université. Browsing through shops with excerpts from 18th-century urban chronicles and travel guides, visitors will meet the merchants of the Quai de l’Horloge and the haberdashers of Saint-Honoré. More than 300 artefacts from the Stewart Museum’s rich collection will evoke the activities of boutiques with such poetic names as “À l’Olivier, À la Sphère” and “Au Chagrin de Turquie.”

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