Summer School | Rethinking the Baroque

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From H-ArtHist:

Summer School | Rethinking the Baroque (Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries), New Historical and Critical Perspectives
Turin, 2–7 September 2019

Applications due by 31 May 2019

The Fondazione 1563 invites scholars who are younger than 40; active in the disciplines of history, art history, architecture, and literature; and who hold a PhD, a certificate of specialization, a 2nd-level master’s, or are enrolled in the second year of such study courses to apply to participate in the Summer School Rethinking the Baroque (XVII and XVIII Centuries): New Historical and Critical Perspectives. Candidates need to have a knowledge of Italian and English corresponding at least to a level B2. The courses of the Summer School will all be taught in Italian.

Participation in the Summer School is free. The Foundation will also cover the costs of the living expenses (accommodation and food) for the period running from the night of September 1 to the night of September 6 included, as identified by the Foundation. In addition, the Foundation will cover the costs of the guided tours, the transfer from/to the venue of the school. Travel expenses to and from Torino are, however, not covered by the Foundation.

Candidates must apply through the specific application form found here by 5.00pm of 31 May 2019. Candidates must upload their CV and an abstract of current or ongoing research. The research should present new critical perspectives relevant to the subject of the Summer School.

The Summer School will take place from September 2 to September 7, 2019 at the historical residency ‘Vigna di Madama Reale’, Strada Comunale San Vito Revigliasco 65, 10133 (Torino), or in a different venue in Torino that will be established by the Foundation.

The Summer School will address periods and turning points of cultural production in the field of art, architecture, literature, music, theatre, and history in Europe in the XVII and XVIII centuries, and it will further develop the critical reflection on the studies dedicated to the Baroque and its chronology.

The Summer School will be structured as follows:
• Lectures by experts in different disciplines, including Professor Franco Benigno (Professor of Modern History at the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) and Professor Ingrid Rowland (Department of History, University of Notre Dame).
• Discussions in small seminar groups on cross-disciplinary issues related to historical criticism and methodologies, conducted with the support of scholars who won the scholarships of the Baroque.

Study Programme at the Foundation in the years 2013–17
• Formative sessions on digital humanities and digital tools applied to research
• Occasions to present and discuss participants’ research
• A presentation of the exhibition Roma, Torino, Parigi 1680–1750, a product of the project Antico e Moderno: Roma, Torino, Parigi 1680–1750, curated by Michela di Macco and Giuseppe Dardanello and developed by the Foundation. The exhibition will be on view at Venaria Reale in Spring 2020
• Guided tours to key art historical places in Torino, with particular attention to the Royal Museums and their collections

During the Summer School—and particularly during the workshop sessions—participants will have the opportunity to exchange critical and methodological points of view on the research they submitted when they applied for the summer school. The outcomes of these sessions might be included in papers for a future collective publication in an electronic version with ISBN, at the Foundation’s expense. A certificate of participation from the Foundation will be provided at the end of the Summer School.

More information is available here»

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