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Posted in books by Editor on May 20, 2019

From Cambridge UP:

Ian Haywood, Susan Matthews, and Mary Shannon, eds., Romanticism and Illustration (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2019), 360 pages, ISBN: 978-1108425711, $120.

This collection of essays takes a fresh look at the important role of illustration in Romantic literature. The late eighteenth century saw an explosion of illustrated editions of literary classics and the emergence of a new culture of literary art, including the innovative literary galleries. The impact of these developments on the reading and viewing of literary texts is explored in a series of case studies covering poetry, historical texts, drama, painting, reproductive prints, magazines and ephemera. Romanticism and Illustration argues for a more detailed study of illustration which includes the context of a wider circulation of images across different media. The modern understanding of the word ‘illustration’ fails to convey the complex relationship between the artist, the engraver, the publisher, the text and the audience in Romantic Britain. In teasing out the implications of this dynamic cultural matrix, this book opens up a new field of Romantic studies.


Notes on Contributors

Editors’ Introduction

Part I. Illustrating Poetry
1  Peter Otto, The Ends of Illustration: Explanation, Critique, and the Political Imagination in Blake’s Title-pages for Genesis
2  Sophie Thomas, ‘With a Master’s Hand and Prophet’s Fire’: Blake, Gray, and the Bard
3  Dustin Frazier Wood, Seeing History: Illustration, Poetic Drama, and the National Past
4  Martin Priestman, ‘Fuseli’s Poetic Eye’: Prints and Impressions in Fuseli and Erasmus Darwin
5  Susan Matthews, Henry Fuseli’s Accommodations: ‘Attempting the Domestic’ in the Illustrations to Cowper
6  Sandro Jung, Reading the Romantic Vignette: Stothard Illustrates Bloomfield, Byron, and Crabbe for The Royal Engagement Pocket Atlas
7  Maureen McCue, Intimate Distance: Thomas Stothard’s and J. M. W. Turner’s Illustrations of Samuel Rogers’s Italy

Part II. The Business of Illustration
8  Ian Haywood, Illustration, Terror, and Female Agency: Thomas Macklin’s Poets Gallery in a Revolutionary Decade
9  Luisa Calè, Maria Cosway’s Hours: Cosmopolitan and Classical Visual Culture in Thomas Macklin’s Poets Gallery
10  Mary Shannon, Artists’ Street: Thomas Stothard, R. H. Cromek, and Literary Illustration on London’s Newman Street
11  Brian Maidment, The Development of Magazine Illustration in Regency Britain: The Example of Arliss’s Pocket Magazine, 1818–1833

Coda, Martin Myrone, Romantic Illustration and the Privatization of History Painting


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