Study Day | Understanding Stone Cantilevered Stairs

Posted in conferences (to attend) by Editor on October 11, 2019

From The Georgian Group:

Study Day: Understanding Stone Cantilevered Stairs
Somerset House, London, 16 October 2019

Staircase of he Navy Office, Somerset House, London.

The Georgian Group is holding a study day at Somerset House that will explore stone cantilevered stairs as a characteristic feature of Georgian architecture. The day is aimed at owners and custodians of buildings containing stone cantilevered stairs, as well as architects, surveyors, and structural engineers involved in the repair of existing stairs or the construction of new ones.

The study day will cover three broad areas:
History: The origins and development of stone cantilevered stairs and their importance to Georgian architecture
Structure: Why they work and how they are built
Repairs: What can go wrong, common problems and how they can be repaired

• Russell Taylor — Principal of Russell Taylor Architects, an architect in the Classical tradition who has made a special study of the subject
• Sam Price — Founding Partner of Price and Myers, the leading structural engineer on stone cantilevered stairs, the author of several articles on the subject
• Helen Rogers — Engineer at Price and Myers, a specialist engineer and lecturer on stone cantilevered stairs
• Adam Stone — Managing Director of Chichester Stoneworks, a masonry contractor with wide experience in stone design, not least in cantilevered stairs, several of which have won awards

The event is open to all (members and non-members) and includes lunch and refreshments, £135. Doors open at 9am, lectures begin at 9.30am.

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