Call for Papers | Buying Art and Antiquities in Eighteenth-Century Italy

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on March 6, 2021

From the Call for Papers, which also includes the Spanish version:

Buying Art and Antiquities in Eighteenth-Century Italy
La compra de arte y antigüedades en la Italia del siglo XVIII
Online and/or Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Madrid, 4–5 November 2021

Proposals due by 31 May 2021

Jean-François Sablet, In the Antiquities Shop, Rome, 1788 (Private Collection)

The third meeting of the international conference series Transnational Relations and the Arts will address the issue of art and antiquities markets in eighteenth century. With the Grand Tour at its peak, men from all over Europe and beyond flooded into the cities of Italy, mainly Rome but also Naples, Venice, and Florence. These grand tourists fed an already flourishing art market and were also active agents of the spread of ancient marbles and vases, Old Master paintings, ancient coins, and medals back to their homelands, not to mention the diffusion of an international ‘buon gusto’ among the middling and upper classes.

We are interested in proposals that address any aspect related to this phenomenon. Especially welcome are cross-disciplinary contributions, proposals that deal with different cases studies in a comparative way, or studies focused in a city/country, as well as discussions around a particular period acquired at that period.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
• Commercial hubs
• Agents: merchants, clients, antiquarians, dealers, etc.
• Logistics of buying art in the eighteenth century
• Forgeries and fakes of antiquities
• Copies of Old Masters for profit
• Classical art collections in the eighteenth-century (from the individual object to the whole collection)

Scientific coordination
Pilar Diez del Corral Corredoira (Eighteenth Century), diezdelcorral@geo.uned.es
David Ojeda Nogales (Classical Antiquity), dojeda@geo.uned.es

Please submit your proposal and an abbreviated CV to both organizers by 31 May 2021. And do not hesitate to write with any questions you have related to your proposal; we will be happy to discuss the details with you. Depending upon health conditions, the conference may take place online, but we will try our best to host it in Madrid. In the event that the conference will proceed online, we will assist with any technical support you may need in order to give the paper as easily as possible. There are plans for publishing the outcomes as a volume of selected papers in a prestigious print and the contributions will go through a peer-review system.

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