New Book | A Companion to Viceregal Mexico City, 1519–1821

Posted in books by Editor on August 28, 2021

From Brill:

John López, ed., A Companion to Viceregal Mexico City, 1519–1821 (Leiden: Brill, 2021), 470 pages, ISBN: 978-9004335561, €233 / $280. Volume 3 in Brill’s Companions to the Americas series.

This book presents a historical overview of colonial Mexico City and the important role it played in the creation of the early modern Hispanic world. Organized into five sections, an interdisciplinary and international team of twenty scholars scrutinize the nature and character of Mexico City through the study of its history and society, religious practices, institutions, arts, and scientific, cartographic, and environmental endeavors.

The Companion ultimately shows how viceregal Mexico City had a deep sense of history, drawing from all that the ancient Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa offered but where history, culture, and identity twisted and turned in extraordinary fashion to forge a new society.

John F. López (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013) is Assistant Professor of Early Modern European and Latin American art and architecture at the University of California, Davis. López has authored numerous articles and has edited special issues for Ethnohistory, Latin American Geography, and Monumentos históricos.


List of Figures and Tables
Archival and Image Repositories
Notes on Contributors

John F. López — Introduction: Viceregal Mexico City, Colonial Cosmopolitanism, and the Hispanic World

Part 1.  History and Society
1  Matthew Restall — Fear, Wonder, and Absence: Our Distorted View of Moctezuma’s Tenochtitlan
2  Luis Fernando Granados — The Weirdest of All? Indigenous Peoples and Polities of Colonial Mexico City
3  Joan C. Bristol — Blackness and Blurred Boundaries in Mexico City
4  Sonya Lipsett-Rivera — Of Pleasures and Proscriptions: Or How Residents of Mexico City Negotiated Gender and Family Norms
5  Frances L. Ramos — War, Legitimacy, and Ceremony in 18th-Century Mexico City: The Annual Funerary Honors for Fallen Soldiers

Part 2.  Religious Life
6  Antonio Rubial García — City of Friars, City of Archbishops: The Church in Mexico City in the Age of the Hapsburgs
7  Alejandro Cañeque — The Cabildo of Mexico City, Patron Saints, and the Making of Local and Imperial Identities
8  Cristina Cruz González — Visualizing Corporate Piety: The Art of Religious Brotherhoods

Part 3.  Institutions
9  Iván Escamilla González — Permanence and Change in Mexico City’s Viceregal Court, 1535–1821
10  María del Pilar and Martínez López-Cano — Finance and Credit in Viceregal Mexico City
11  Enrique González González — Uneven Chances: Education in Colonial Mexico City
12  Paula S. De Vos — Medicine and Municipal Rights in Viceregal Mexico City

Part 4.  Special Themes
13  Barbara E. Mundy — The Urban Plans of Mexico City, 1520–1810
14  John F. Lopez — The Desagüe’s Watermark: Cartography and Environmental Crisis at Viceregal Mexico City
15  Miruna Achim — Urban Science in 18th-Century Mexico City

Part 5.  The Arts
16  Kelly Donahue-Wallace — A Culture of Print in Viceregal Mexico City
17  Martha Lilia Tenorio — Novohispanic Baroque Poetry: A Lyric Chronicle of Mexico City
18  Jesús A. Ramos-Kittrell — Music and Literature in New Spain: The Politics of Buen Gusto in 18th-Century Mexico City
19  Amy C. Hamman and Stacie G. Widdifield — The Royal Academy of San Carlos, 1781–1800



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