Call for Proposals | IDEAL Internship Grants, Decorative Arts Trust

Posted in opportunities by Editor on October 26, 2021

From the press release:

IDEAL Internship Grants from the Decorative Arts Trust
Proposals due by 30 November 2021

The Decorative Arts Trust invites art museums, history museums, and historic sites to submit IDEAL Internship Grant proposals by 30 November 2021. The IDEAL Internship Initiative is part of the Trust’s growing Emerging Scholars Program. Non-profit institutions are eligible for IDEAL Internship Grants of up to $5,000.

IDEAL Internships focus on inclusivity, diversity, equity, access, and leadership. The Trust recognizes the homogeneity of the museum field and will strive to improve access to curatorial careers  for students of color as a path toward achieving systemic change. In early 2021, the Trust awarded the inaugural IDEAL Internship Grants to the Atwater Kent Collection at Drexel University; The Historic New Orleans Collection and the Backstreet Cultural Museum; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; and the Newport Restoration Foundation and the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society. More information about IDEAL Internship Grants is available here.

The Decorative Arts Trust is a non-profit organization that promotes and fosters the appreciation and study of the decorative arts through: exchanging information through domestic and international programming; collaborating and partnering with museums and preservation organizations; and underwriting internships, research grants, and scholarships for graduate students and young professionals. Learn more about the Trust here or by contacting thetrust@decorativeartstrust.org.

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