Resource | New Decorative Arts Calendar Unveiled

Posted in resources by Editor on January 20, 2022

From the press release (12 January 2022):

The Decorative Arts Trust Launches ‘Events in the Field’

The Decorative Arts Trust invites institutions to submit decorative arts programs and welcomes participants to browse listings on the new Events in the Field online calendar. Events in the Field, at eventsinthefield.com, features scholarly programs from dozens of art and history organizations. The calendar’s goal is to serve as a resource for those seeking to promote or find virtual or in-person decorative arts opportunities, from lectures and panel discussions to workshops and conferences.

“The Events in the Field initiative reinforces our effort to serve as a partner for the full breadth of the decorative arts community,” shares Matthew A. Thurlow, Executive Director of the Trust. “Whether you are a dedicated collector of 18th-century porcelain or an undergraduate student seeking an introduction to this field of study, Events in the Field will feature a range of opportunities that might not appear elsewhere. We are happy to provide this service to the field and hope the calendar will offer an opportunity to promote the excellent programs developed by colleagues from coast to coast.”

The generous 2022 Events in the Field sponsor is The Magazine Antiques, which celebrates its centennial this year.

The Decorative Arts Trust is a non-profit organization that promotes and fosters the appreciation and study of the decorative arts through exchanging information through domestic and international programming; collaborating and partnering with museums and preservation organizations; and underwriting internships, research grants, and scholarships for graduate students and young professionals. Learn more about the Trust at decorativeartstrust.org.

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