Call for Papers | Gender and Otherness in the Humanities

Posted in Calls for Papers by Editor on September 9, 2022

From the Call for Papers

Gender and Otherness in the Humanities: Drama, Literature, and Visual Culture
3rd Annual GOTH Symposium
The Open University, Milton Keynes, 18–20 May 2023

Proposals due by 30 November 2022

The annual GOTH Symposium welcomes scholars from within and outside The Open University for three days of productive interdisciplinary discussion and debate. The program committee invites proposals for 20-minute papers focusing on the following aspects of gender and otherness in drama, literature, and visual culture:

1. Gender and/or otherness in pre-1800 images of drama and literature, with topics including but not limited to:
• images by or relating to William Hogarth, and especially to his early career and book illustrations
• the anti-hero: Don Quixote and Hudibras illustrations at Littlecote House and elsewhere
• any aspect of the Littlecote House murals

2. Gender and/or otherness in modern performance receptions of ancient Greek drama, possibly addressing topics including but not limited to:
• new versions of rarely staged or fragmentary texts
• innovative or non-traditional modes of performance
• productions engaging with intersecting identities

3. Race, disability, and/or otherness in early modern theatre, with topics including but not limited to:
• depictions of otherness in dramatic writing and staging practices
• historical receptions of race and disability
• the significance of gender in representations of race and disability

4. ‘Collectible Otherness’, 1500–1800, with topics including but not limited to:
• dwarfs, conjoined twins, the abnormally hirsute
• genre: visual culture, drama, and literature
• contextualizing agency and Intersectionality of otherness: court, theatre, fairground, curiosity cabinet (Wunderkammer)

Please submit your proposal (300 words max) and academic bio (150 words max) on or before 30 November 2022, to m.a.katritzky@open.ac.uk and FASS-GOTH-Admin@open.ac.uk. Presenters will be provided with one night of accommodation. A limited number of travel bursaries will be awarded; if you wish to be considered please include a brief statement explaining what sum is required and why. Inquiries on any aspect of the symposium can be emailed to FASS-GOTH-Admin@open.ac.uk. Further information will be posted on the GOTH website as it becomes available.

GOTH Committee
• M. A. Katritzky – GOTH director / Barbara Wilkes Research Fellow in Theatre Studies
• Christine Plastow – GOTH web and media manager / Lecturer in Classical Studies
• Molly Ziegler – Lecturer in Drama and Performance Studies

Guest Co-Organizer
• Birgit Ulrike Münch, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

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