New Book | La Découverte de l’île Frivole: A Bilingual Edition

Posted in books by Editor on October 5, 2022

From MHRA, with the table of contents available via JStor:

Jean-Alexandre Perras, ed., La Découverte de l’île Frivole by Gabriel-François Coyer, A Bilingual Edition (Cambridge: Modern Humanities Research Association, 2022), 128 pages, ISBN: ‎978-1781888872, £15 / $20.

La Découverte de l’Ile Frivole (1751) is presented as a supplement to George Anson’s Voyage Round the World, and recounts the adventures of the English admiral and his crew on a strange island whose inhabitants, the Frivolians, are devoted to fashion, hairstyles, novels, and fancy desserts. This tale is at once both playful and cynical, and its biting irony spares neither the reputation of France nor that of England. It resonates with the most critical attacks by Jean-Jacques Rousseau against luxury and refinement, or those of Voltaire against his compatriots. This volume provides the first bilingual critical edition of a text that, in its time, caused a stir both in France and in England.

Jean-Alexandre Perras is Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellow at the European University Institute in Florence.


1  Gabriel-François Coyer, moraliste et économiste
2  Présentation du texte
La Découverte de l’île Frivole

1  Gabriel-François Coyer, moralist and economist
2  About the text
A Supplement to Lord Anson’s Voyage Round the World. Containing a Discovery and Description of the Island of Frivola



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