Online Talk | Lelia Packer on 18th-Century Venice

Posted in lectures (to attend), online learning by Editor on October 26, 2022

After Canaletto, Venice: The Molo from the Bacino di San Marco, ca. 1740–60, oil on canvas, 52 × 70 cm
(London: The Wallace Collection, P514).

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From The Wallace Collection:

Lelia Packer | Meet the Expert: Experiencing and ​Painting Venice in the 18th Century
Online, Thursday, 17 November 2022, 13.00 (GMT)

The Wallace Collection holds an impressive collection of vedute, or topographical views, of Venice by Canaletto and Guardi, and by artists working in Canaletto’s circle. In this talk, Dr. Lelia Packer discusses a selection of these works in order to explore Venice as a major tourist destination during the 18th century. What did visitors come to see? What did they do during their visit? And, most importantly, how was the city recorded in paint for them? This talk will be hosted online through Zoom and YouTube. Please click here to register for Zoom.

Lelia Packer is Curator of Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, and Pre-1600 Paintings at The Wallace Collection.

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