New Book | Making Worlds: Global Invention in the Early Modern Period

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From Toronto UP:

Angela Vanhaelen and Bronwen Wilson, eds., Making Worlds: Global Invention in the Early Modern Period (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2022), 512 pages, ISBN: 978-1487544935, $95.

Book cover.Taking into account the destructive powers of globalization, Making Worlds considers the interconnectedness of the world in the early modern period. This collection examines the interdisciplinary phenomenon of making worlds, with essays from scholars of history, literary studies, theatre and performance, art history, and anthropology. The volume advances questions about the history of globalization by focusing on how the expansion of global transit offered possibilities for interactions that included the testing of local identities through inventive experimentation with new and various forms of culture. Case studies show how the imposition of European economic, religious, political, and military models on other parts of the world unleashed unprecedented forces of invention as institutionalized powers came up against the creativity of peoples, cultural practices, materials, and techniques of making. In doing so, Making Worlds offers an important rethinking of how early globalization inconsistently generated ongoing dynamics of making, unmaking, and remaking worlds. The volume is part of the UCLA Clark Memorial Library Series.


List of Illustrations

1. Introduction — Angela Vanhaelen and Bronwen Wilson

Part One: Material Flows
2  The Early Modern Fold: Pleated Media in Japan’s Encounter with Europe — Kristopher Kersey
3  From Textile to Text: Cloth, Slavery, and the Archive in the Dutch Atlantic —Carrie Anderson
4  Drawing Worlds in Smoke, Powder, and Fumes: Bodies and Trifles in Il Tabacco, the Courtly Ballet Staged in Turin (1650) — Elisa Antonietta Daniele
5  From Hot Reverence to Cold Sweat: Christian Art and Ambivalence in Early Modern Japan — Benjamin Schmidt
6  Eggs, Cheese, and (Francis) Bacon — Helen Smith

Part Two: In-Between Spaces
7  The Cabinet and the World: Non-European Objects in Early Modern European Collections — Daniela Bleichmar
8  Le Jeu du monde: Games, Maps, and World Conquest in Early Modern France — Ting Chang
9  The World Contained in an Imperial Ottoman Album — Emine Fetvaci
10  World Building, the Folger Folios, and the University of British Columbia — Patricia Badir

Part Three: Other Worlds
11  Ascetic Ecology: Landscape of a Desert Saint — Lyle Massey
12  The End of All: Worldliness, Piety, and the Social Life of Maps in the Post-Reformation English Household — Gavin Hollis
13  Enlightenment Cosmology: A Medialogical Interpretation — J.B. Shank
14  Masked Alliances: Global Politics and Economy in the Art and Performance Rituals of Mexico’s Indigenous People — John M.D. Pohl and Danny Zborover
15  Unease with the Exotic: Ambiguous Responses to Chinese Material Culture in the Dutch Republic — Thijs Weststeijn



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