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Posted in books by Editor on April 24, 2023

From Brepols:

Francçois de Callataÿ, ed., Numismatic Antiquarianism through Correspondence, 16th–18th Centuries (Turnhout: Brepols, 2023), 400 pages, ISBN: 978-0897223911 , €150.

book coverThis book brings together 14 articles into a volume of conference proceedings from the 2017 meeting on numismatic antiquarianism held in Rome.


Foreword — François de Callataÿ
About the Authors

1  Fool Me Once, Don’t Fool Me Twice: Collecting Forgeries to Train the Eye, 17th–early 19th Centuries — Daniela Williams
2  Moulages de monnaies antiques ou comment produire des copies, XVIe–XVIIIe siècles — Guy Meyer
3  The Missing Caesar: Inventing Bronze Coins for Otho — Johan van Heesch
4  Speaking about Manuscripts: Unpublished Works in Correspondence — Michiel Verweij
5  Recording Coin Finds and Hoards in Early Modern England — Ute Wartenberg and Jonathan H. Kagan
6  Two Centuries of Collecting, Describing, and Explaining Contorniates — John Cunnally
7  Di vizi e di virtù: Di Pertinaci e di Didii, di Pescenniie di Gordiani — Federica Missere Fontana
8  Numismatic Antiquarianism: Coins from the Ancient East in Early Modern Europe — Martin Mulsow
9  Queen Elizabeth and the Twelve Caesars — Andrew M. Burnett
10  Peiresc and the Coins through his Correspondence — Elena Vaiani
11  About Books and Coins: The Letters of Charles Patin to Giulio Antonio Arevoldi between 1679 and 1693 — Marco Callegari
12  The Story of Francesco Gottifredi’s Unpublished Book through the Analysis of the Letters of his Contemporaries — Maria Cristina Molinari
13  Monastic Antiquarianism in Austria and the République de Médailles: The Numismatic Collection of Göttweig Abbey — Manuela Mayer
14  Publishing the Doctrina Numorum Veterum: New Evidence on the Three Editions of Joseph Eckhel’s Masterwork — Bernhard E. Woytek

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