Walpole Library Fellowships and Travel Grants for 2023–24

Posted in fellowships by Editor on April 29, 2023

From The Walpole Library:

The Lewis Walpole Library is delighted to announce the recipients of Fellowships and Travel Grants for the upcoming year 2023–24. This year we awarded twelve four-week Fellowships and nine two-week Travel Grants. The Fellowship year runs from 1 June 2023 until 31 May 2024. We look forward to welcoming these twenty-one researchers to Farmington and the Lewis Walpole Library community of scholars.


Zoe Beenstock (University of Haifa), Palestine as America and Ireland: Horace Walpole’s Levant Antiquarianism, Joseph Peter Spang III Fellowship
Tanya Caldwell (Georgia State University), Fashion, Friendship, and the First Lady of Sculpture: Anne Damer and the Imperial Mission
Jennifer Factor (Brandeis University), Intimate Play: Phillis Wheatley Peters and the Art of the Poem Game, ASECS-LWL Fellowship
Stephanie Howard-Smith (King’s College London), Collecting Dogs and Constructing ‘Dogmanity’: Horace Walpole, Wilmarth and Annie Lewis, and the Making of the More-than-Human Family
Nicole Emser Marcel (Temple University), Ordering, Reordering, and Disordering the Land: Visual and Material Strategies of Resistance and Repossession in Contemporary Caribbean Art, George B. Cooper Fellowship
Joanna Marschner (Historic Royal Palaces), Princess Augusta Saxe Gotha: Negotiating Monarchical Ambition and Celebrity in 18th-Century Britain
Allison Muri (University of Saskatchewan), Eliza Haywood’s Covent Garden
Eric Parisot (Flinders University), Inventing Suicide: Representation and Emotion in the Age of Sensibility
Nicola Parsons (University of Sydney), ‘This Heap of Tautology’: Iterative Character and Descriptive Erotics in Harris’s List of Covent Garden Ladies, 1760–1794, Charles. J. Cole Fellowship
Anna Roberts (Johns Hopkins University), Snuff and Snuffboxes in Britain, Ireland, and British North America, c. 1640–1830
Hillary Taylor (University of Cambridge), British Trade, Work, and Travel in Eastern Europe during the Long 18th Century, Roger W. Eddy Fellowship
Lilith Todd (Columbia University), Tending Another: The Rhetoric and Labor of Nursing in the Long 18th Century

Travel Grants

Richard Ansell (University of Leicester), Ann Scafe and Other British Servants in Late 18th-Century Continental Europe
Dominic Bate (Brown University), Pythagorean Visions: Picturing Harmony in British Art, 1719–1753
Gregory Brown (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Inventing Enlightenment: The Social and Professional History of ´18th-Century Studies’ in the United States and Europe, 1930–1970
Alexander Clayton (University of Michigan), The Living Animal: Animating Nature in the Colonial Menagerie, 1750–1890
David Cowan (University of Cambridge), Horace Walpole, Thomas Gray, and William Mason: Whiggery and the Gothic at Cambridge University
Marie Ferron-Desautels (Concordia University), Women Amateurs Designing Caricatures in 18th-Century Britain
Marlis Schweitzer (York University), Decoding the Lecture on Heads: Performing Objects and Satire on the 18th-Century Stage
Jane Wessel (United States Naval Academy), Theatre and the Extra-Illustrated Book: Participatory Reading and Fandoms in 18th- and 19th-Century England
Jarred Wiehe (Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi), ‘Deformed the Belle and Beau’: Disability Aesthetics, William Hogarth, and the Optics of Deformity

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