Indexing Art History Websites

Posted in resources by Editor on January 21, 2010

As Christian Fuhrmeister recently noted on the Consortium of Art and Architectural Historians listserv (CAAH) — so faithfully moderated by Marilyn Lavin — ART-Guide usefully indexes thousands of art history websites. The Guide is available in English and German and currently features some 4300 sites. As described on the site itself:

ART-Guide provides access to art history websites, such as subject gateways, image databases, search engines, or mailing lists. The websites are of high quality and academic relevance; for they are reviewed according to criteria concerning the quality of content and form before admission into the collection. The collection covers the full range of European medieval, modern, and contemporary art history, and aesthetics. The websites are recorded following library bibliographic, objective, and systematic standards, and are provided with an abstract. The collection of art history websites is updated frequently by link checkers. Research in the database can be made using the basic “Search” or the “Advanced Search”, in which detailed search parameter can be entered. Additional browsing entrances provide systematic access. and the WWW-SearchSpace Art History permits full-text searching within the art history internet sources of ART-Guide.

ART-Guide is a service of Heidelberg University Library and Dresden Saxon State and University Library. The database is under construction. It is part of arthistoricum.net – The Virtual Library for Art History, which is a joint-project of Zentralinstitut fuer Kunstgeschichte in Munich and Heidelberg University Library, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Within the scope of the project the database is constructed, expanded, and updated by the team in Heidelberg. An inventory of internet resources on contemporary art, made available by the ART-Guide Dresden, has been in the database integrated. The Guide in Dresden exists since 2002 as a module of ViFaArt, the Virtual Library of Contemporary Art, which is also funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and was constructed by the SLUB Dresden. . .

For the full description, click here»

ART-Guide is searchable by full-text, subject, region, time period, institutions, and sourcetype. There are nearly 200 sites presently included for the eighteenth century.

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