Rethinking the Rococo within the Social History of Art

Posted in conferences (to attend), Member News by Editor on January 28, 2010

Histoire sociale de l’art, histoire artistique du social / 1680-1730: Amsterdam, Paris
Institute national d’histoire de l’art, Paris, Thursday 29 January 2010

Under the direction of Philippe Bordes, France’s INHA (Institute national d’histoire de l’art) has embarked upon a program to reconsider the relationship between art and society within the context of the social history of art. An anthology of key texts will be published later this spring (along with an extensive bibliography to be made available online), and in December 2010 the INHA will host a final symposium to wrap up the project. This week the fourth workshop in the series tackles the subject through the eighteenth century, 1680-1730: Amsterdam, Paris (the site includes a PDF with useful bibliographies).

Session A

2:00 Philippe Bordes (INHA), Introduction
2:10  Mary Sheriff (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), “What is the Interpreter’s Desire? Rococo Art, Society, and the Social History of Art”
2:40  Discussion with Jean-François Bédard (Syracuse University), Magnus Olausson (Nationalmuseum, Stockholm), and questions from the audience
3:10  Charlotte Guichard (laboratoire IRHIS de l’Université de Lille 3), “Coquilles: objets frontières et communautés de goût”
3:25  Anne Perrin-Khelissa (Centre allemand d’histoire de l’art, Paris), “le miroir: objet de luxe, objet de consommation privée, objet soumis à la critique artistique”
3:40  Malcolm Baker (University of California, Riverside), “Histories and Societies in the plural : Francis van Bossuit and the endurance of art”
4:10  Discussion with Jean-François Bédard, Magnus Olausson, and questions from the audience

Session B

5:00  Melissa Hyde (University of Florida),  “Rosalba Carriera and Quentin de la Tour, or What is the Matter with Rococo Pastel Portraiture?”
5:20  Jan Blanc (Université de Lausanne), “Réflexions sur les espaces sociaux dans la Hollande du XVIIème siècle: le cas des maisons de poupées”
5:35  Katie Scott (Courtauld Institute), “Histoire rocaille du social?”
5:55  Discussion with Jean-François Bédard, Magnus Olausson, and questions from the audience

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