Recently Reviewed: Books on Houdon, Tiepolo, and the Dilettanti

Posted in books, reviews by Editor on July 7, 2010

It’s been exciting to see the recent expansion of The Art History Newsletter, as Jon Lackman has been joined by a number of contributors. On July 5th, Lackman himself reports on catching up on “The Glorious 18th Century,” with pieces from The New York Review of Books: Willibald Sauerländer on the Houdon exhibition at Montpellier (April 8 issue) and Ingrid Rowland on Roberto Calasso’s Tiepolo Pink (March 11 issue).

Meanwhile the June 24 issue of the London Review of Books includes a review of Jason Kelly’s book The Society of Dilettanti: Archaeology and Identity in the British Enlightenment by Rosemary Hill.

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