Letter from the President: Call for Participants

Posted in Member News by Editor on February 25, 2011

Dear HECAA Members,

It was so nice to see many of you in New York at CAA. Our sessions, “The Global Eighteenth-Century,” “New Scholars” and the ASECS session on “Cosmopolitanism” were well attended, as were the other sessions with eighteenth-century topics. We had 29 people attend the reception.

I want to give a special thanks to Denise Baxter, who will have completed her term as treasurer. She has done a marvelous job.  It is time to elect a new treasurer. I would like to nominate Jennifer Germann for this position. If there are other nominations, please send them to me. Next week I will send an email calling for a vote of the membership. The official inauguration will take place at our HECAA luncheon in Vancouver.

I also need volunteers to serve on two committees and to chair sessions:

  • three volunteers to serve on the Vidal Travel Award committee
  • three volunteers to serve on the Wiebenson Prize committee
  • one volunteer to chair the 2012 “New Scholars” session at CAA
  • one volunteer for the 2012 “New Scholars” session at ASECS

We can vote to approve these slates at the HECAA luncheon. Finally I am soliciting submissions for our HECAA affiliate session at the 2012 ASECS and for the 2013 CAA. If you could submit abstracts to me, we can vote online after this year’s ASECS meeting.

Best wishes,
Julie-Anne Plax

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