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Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 33 (December 2010)
Special Issue: Animals in the Eighteenth Century, guest edited by Glynis Ridley

Peter Singer, “Foreword”
Glynis Ridley, “Introduction: Representing Animals”

Ann Cline Kelly, “Talking Animals in the Bible: Paratexts as Symptoms of Cultural Anxiety in Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century England,” pp. 437-51.
Conrad Brunström and Katherine Turner, “‘I shall not ask Jean-Jacques Rousseau’: Anthropomorphism in the Cowperian Bestiary,” pp. 453–68.
Jane Spencer, “Creating Animal Experience in Late Eighteenth-Century Narrative,” pp. 469–86.

Sam George, “Animated Beings: Enlightenment Entomology for Girls,” pp. 487–505.
Jeff Loveland, “Animals in British and French Encyclopaedias in the Long Eighteenth Century,” pp. 507–23.
Christopher Plumb, “‘Strange and Wonderful’: Encountering the Elephant in Britain, 1675-1830,” pp. 525–43.
Craig Ashley Hanson, “Representing the Rhinoceros: The Royal Society between Art and Science in the Eighteenth Century,” pp, 545–66.

Tobias Menely, “Sovereign Violence and the Figure of the Animal, from Leviathan to Windsor-Forest,” pp. 567–82.
Anne Milne, “Sentient Genetics: Breeding the Animal Breeder as Fundamental Other,” pp. 583–97.
Peter C. Messer, “Republican Animals: Politics, Science and the Birth of Ecology,” pp. 599–613.
Paula Young Lee, “The Curious Affair of Monsieur Martin the Bear,” pp. 615–29.

Lisa Berglund, “Oysters for Hodge, or, Ordering Society, Writing Biography and Feeding the Cat,” pp. 631-45.
James P. Carson, “Scott and the Romantic Dog,” pp. 647–61.
Elizabeth Amy Liebman, “Animal Attitudes: Motion and Emotion in Eighteenth-Century Animal Representation,” pp. 663–83.