Exhibition: James Cook et al

Posted in exhibitions by Editor on June 15, 2011

From the museum:

Cook, Melville, and Gauguin: Three Voyages to Paradise
Maritime Museum of San Diego, 27 May 2011 — 1 January 2012

Imagine what treasures one would have seen exploring the Pacific islands in centuries past? The Three Voyages to Paradise exhibit is inspired by those very visions as seen through the eyes of Captain James Cook, author Herman Melville, and painter Paul Gauguin.

Highlighting this extraordinary exhibit are original paintings created by the official expedition artists (William Hodges and John Webber), on James Cook’s second and third Voyages of Discovery. Scientific and navigation instruments from Cook’s time as well as personal effects and Cook memorabilia will also be displayed along with Charts and Pacific artifacts from the period. Paintings, engravings and whaling artifacts representative of Herman Melville’s episodic adventure in the South Seas will be interpreted using select examples of his writings.

Central to the exhibition will be a comprehensive collection of original oil and watercolor paintings, woodblock prints, engravings and sculpture by Paul Gauguin. This exhibit will comprise the largest display of three-dimensional Gauguin masterpieces currently seen anywhere in the world, including a newly discovered Gauguin wood carving on display for the first time in America.

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