2011 Edition of CAA’s ‘Graduate Programs in Art History’

Posted in books, graduate students, resources by Editor on March 14, 2012

From CAA:

CAA has published new editions of Graduate Programs in Art History: The CAA Directory and Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts: The CAA Directory. As comprehensive resources of schools across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, these guides list 650 programs in fine art and design, art and architectural history, curatorial studies, arts administration, and more.

The directories provide prospective graduate students with information they need prior to beginning the application process. The directories are also key professional references for career-services representatives, department chairs, graduate and undergraduate advisors, librarians, professional-practices educators, and professors interested in helping emerging generations of artists and scholars find success.

Graduate Programs in Art History covers four program types: History of Art and Architecture, Arts Administration, Curatorial and Museum Studies, and Library Science. This directory integrates programs in visual studies into History of Art and Architecture. . . .

More information is available here»

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