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From the CRASSH website:

We Need to Talk about ‘Things’: Concluding Colloquium
CRASSH, University of Cambridge, 27-28 September 2012

This year CRASSH has hosted a Graduate Research Group concerned with ‘Things: Material Cultures of the Long Eighteenth Century’. Our speakers have considered specific eighteenth-century objects ranging from coins to ships, porcelain to plants, from different disciplinary perspectives. We have discussed how these objects allow us to tell complex. inter-disciplinary stories about consumption, production and display in this period.  This colloquium pulls together the speakers and themes that have defined the series. The day will consist of several papers with invited responses, as well as space for discussion. The colloquium is preceded by a keynote lecture by Professor Ludmilla Jordanova  on Thursday evening, Talking about Things.

Both keynote lecture and colloquium talks on Friday 28 September are open to everyone. The lecture is free to attend and no registration is required. However, registration is required for the colloquium. The fee is £20 (including lunch and refreshments at the colloquium) with a reduced £10 charge for students. For information about the event and the graduate research group please contact Katy Barrett or Sophie Waring.

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Thursday, 27 September

18.00  Keynote Lecture, Ludmilla Jordanova (King’s College London) — Talking about Things

19.00  Drinks reception at CRASSH

Friday, 28 September

9.00  Registration and coffee

9.30  Welcome and Introduction — Sophie Waring (University of Cambridge) and Katy Barrett (University of Cambridge)

9.45  Session 1:  W R I T T E N  T H I N G S — Chair: Dr Luisa Calè (Birkbeck College, London)
• Sarah Kareem (University of California, Los Angeles) — Romantic Bubbles, Fictional Worlds
• Leanna McLaughlin (University of California, Riverside) — “A Lampoon Put on his Door”: Poetry and Politics, 1678-1689

11.15 Coffee break

11.45  Session 2:  F A M I L I A R  T H I N G S — Chair: Dr Melissa Calaresu (University of Cambridge)
• Sara Pennell (University of Roehampton) — Familiarity Breeds Contempt?  ‘Everyday’ Objects and ‘Small Things Forgotten’ in the early modern English Household
• Melanie Keene (University of Cambridge) — Title tbc

13.15  Lunch

14.15  Session 3:  G E N D E R E D  T H I N G S — Chair: Dr Elizabeth Eger (Kings College London)
• Catherine Eagleton (British Museum) — Sarah Sophia Banks: Money, Medals and a ‘Collection of Scraps’
• Mary Brooks (University of Durham) — Curiosities from Female Hands

15.45  Tea Break

16.15  Session 4:  T R A V E L L I N G  T H I N G S
• Mary Terrall (University of California, Los Angeles) — The Dynamics of Natural History: Collecting and Collections in the Eighteenth Century
• Jonathan Eacott (University of California, Riverside) — Few Constitutions Can Stand Against East Indian Luxury: Tropical Lifestyles and the Health of Britain’s Global Power

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