82nd & Fifth: One work. One curator. Two minutes at a time.

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As art historians come around to moving pictures and expanding notions of audience, experiments from the Met (smartly packaged under the label 82nd & Fifth) are particularly interesting. -CH

Morning Catch

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As introduced by Thomas Campbell:

[Earlier this year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art] launched 82nd & Fifth, a new Web feature that asks one hundred curators from across the Museum to each talk about a work of art from the Met’s collection that changed the way they see the world. One work. One curator. Two minutes at a time.

82nd & Fifth speaks directly to my interest in linking historical art and culture to a broader conversation. The Met is located at 82nd & Fifth but its relevance is global, allowing people to better understand both themselves and the world around them in the broadest sense.

We live in a sea of constant information, and these two-minute, authoritative commentaries are a welcome way to get powerful and compelling content in quick doses. We hope they will intrigue audiences who love the Met and those who are new to art.

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In “Morning Catch” (episode #38), Jeff Munger addresses a broth bowl from Vincennes, ca. 1740-56.

In “Family” (episode #40), Perrin Stein discusses Jacques-Louis David’s Study for The Lictors Bringing Brutus the Bodies of his Sons, 1787.


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