Restoration of the Queen’s House at Versailles

Posted in museums by Editor on November 18, 2013


Maison de la Reine au hameau, Versailles
Photo: Wikimedia Commons, 2011

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From The Art Newspaper:

Claudia Barbieri Childs, “Dior to Fund Versailles Makeover,” The Art Newspaper (14 November 2013).
Fashion house to help restore Marie Antoinette’s rustic hideaway, where the French queen enjoyed the simple things in life

The fashion house Dior is to sponsor the restoration of the Queen’s House in Versailles. The deal was announced last month by Catherine Pégard, the director of the Palace of Versailles. The house was Marie Antoinette’s rustic hideaway, where Louis XVI’s queen played out a fantasy life as a simple milkmaid until the revolution of 1789 imposed a sterner reality. The house was abandoned after the revolution. . .

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