Display | Capital Investment: Sir John Soane’s Model of Tyringham Hall

Posted in exhibitions by Editor on June 4, 2014

In conjunction with the London Festival of Architecture:

Capital Investment: Sir John Soane’s Model of Tyringham Hall, Buckinghamshire
Sir John Soane’s Museum, London, 3–28 June 2014

image1_4327Sir John Soane revived the use of architectural models in Britain in his teaching and in his architectural practice. One of the more beautiful architectural models in Sir John Soane’s Museum is for Tyringham Hall, Buckinghamshire. Made by Joseph Parkins, c. 1793–94, in box wood, the highly detailed model was commissioned by Soane to present to his client William Praed, a Fleet Street banker. Soane designed and executed his country house from 1792 to 1800, and this model is an exceptional survival of a Soane Office ‘presentation model’ given to a client to explain volume, the arrangement of rooms and the play of light in the completed building (the model opens to reveal the interior arrangements of rooms and staircases). This is a rare opportunity to see this highly detailed presentation model which is not usually on display to the public. A model by a contemporary architect will be shown alongside to demonstrate the use importance of architectural models in today’s architectural practice.

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