Grant | Janet Arnold Award for the History of Western Dress

Posted in fellowships by Editor on June 21, 2014

From the Society of Antiquaries of London:

Janet Arnold Award
In Support of Research into the History of Western Dress

Applications due by 15 January 2015

Janet Arnold (1932–98) was an artist, teacher and fashion designer. Her practical skills, together with a passion for accuracy, made her a powerful advocate for the study of historical dress as a serious discipline. The use of archival material and visual and literary records are important, but as she demonstrated in her own work, a real comprehension of historical dress depends on the close examination and understanding of surviving garments, both whole and fragmentary.

These grants are to further in-depth study of the history of Western dress. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they wish to pursue a particular piece of original research based on items of dress or their remains with a view to eventually disseminate the results through publication, display, cataloguing, teaching or through practical use in conservation or realistic reproduction. The award may be used for travel, accommodation and incidental expenses such as purchase of photographs. The usual amount of awards is between £350 and £2,000 awarded on an annual basis.

• This is not an grant for students.
• Grants will not be awarded for the salaries of those holding current appointments, but the cost of additional staff (e.g., a temporary research assistant for new projects) may be considered in exceptional cases, but only for named individuals.
• Grants will not be awarded to pay overheads.
• Grants will not be awarded for research that is part of work for a degree.

Additional information is available here»

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